216NG61A HESG441633R1 HESG216875/K industrial control card 216NG61


216NG61A HESG441633R1 HESG216875/K

216NG61, 216NG62, or 216NG63 units act as DC/DC converters, stepping down the station battery voltage to 24V.

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216NG61A HESG441633R1 HESG216875/K industrial control card 216NG61


This description provides information about the Auxiliary DC Supply Unit, specifically the 216NG61, 216NG62, and 216NG63 models. Let’s break down the key points:

  1. Models and Specifications:
    • Auxiliary DC supply units: 216NG61, 216NG62, and 216NG63.
    • Versions designed for a 36 to 312 V DC input.
    • Outputs 24V DC with a power rating of 150W.
    • Outputs are short-circuit and overload-proof.
    • Units can be connected in parallel to increase the overall rating.
    • Redundancy is supported with a parallel connection (two outputs).
    • Space requirement: 3 rack divisions.
  2. Operation:
    • The auxiliary supply is switched off using a switch on the units.
    • Each electronic equipment rack has its own auxiliary power supply unit.
    • One or a maximum of two redundant units can be installed in an equipment rack.
    • If two redundant units are installed, both must be switched off simultaneously.
  3. External Power Supply:
    • The protection system needs to be connected to an external auxiliary DC supply (station battery).
    • 216NG61, 216NG62, or 216NG63 units act as DC/DC converters, stepping down the station battery voltage to 24V.
    • Electrical insulation is provided between input and output voltages.
    • The 24V supply is distributed to units in the protection equipment rack via the B448C parallel bus.
    • The power supply unit also provides power to electronic circuits on I/O units.
  4. Redundancy and Connection:
    • A 216MB66 equipment rack can be equipped with one or two redundant auxiliary DC supply units.
    • Redundant units can be connected to the same or two different station batteries.
  5. Software Configuration:
    • All software configuration, including the selection and setting of protection functions, and the assignment of signals to inputs and outputs, is performed via the RS-423 serial interface on the 216VC62a processing unit.
    • The RS-423 serial interface is located at the 25-pin socket X2 on the front of the unit, which is connected to a personal computer.

This information outlines the functionality, operation, and configuration aspects of the described Auxiliary DC Supply Unit in the context of a protection system.

This description provides details about the auxiliary supply distribution in a system or the 216MB6 equipment rack, particularly focusing on the redundant auxiliary DC supply units (DC/DC converters), namely the 216NG61, 216NG62, or 216NG63. Here are the key points:

  1. Redundant Auxiliary DC Supply Units:
    • The system or equipment rack can be equipped with one or two redundant auxiliary DC supply units (DC/DC converters), such as the 216NG61, 216NG62, or 216NG63.
    • Fig. 2.10 illustrates the auxiliary DC supply system with two of these units.
  2. Operation with Redundancy:
    • All electronic units and I/O modules are designed to operate with redundant auxiliary DC supplies.
    • As long as one of the two 24V supplies is available, the correct operation of all equipment functions is assured.
  3. B448C Parallel Bus:
    • The B448C parallel bus has two redundant auxiliary DC supply lines designated USA and USB.
    • Redundant supplies for electronic units are achieved by connecting them to both supply lines.
  4. Distribution to I/O Modules:
    • The 216NG6 units (presumably the auxiliary DC supply units) also provide the auxiliary DC supply for the I/O modules.
    • The corresponding auxiliary voltage UP (24V)/ZP (0V) is distributed to individual I/O modules via a terminal block.
  5. Legend of Fig. 2.10:
    • USA, USB: Auxiliary supply lines for 24V DC.
    • ZD: Auxiliary supply return line for 0V.
    • SML: General alarm line for “System defect.”
    • CK: Stand-by signal line for “Stand-by.”
    • Red.: “Redundant” circuit (connections to the redundant 216NG6 units).
    • F100: Fuses for 216NG61 (6.3 A slow), 216NG62 (2.5 A slow), and 216NG63 (1.6 A slow).
    • K100: Auxiliary signaling relay for “24V failure.”
    • UP: Auxiliary supply line for I/O modules at 24V.
    • ZP: Auxiliary supply return line for I/O modules at 0V.

This information outlines the configuration and distribution of the auxiliary DC supply in a redundant setup, ensuring the reliability and continuity of the power supply for the system’s electronic units and I/O modules.


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