A6120 dual channel hot swappable module


Order number: A6120
Article number: A6120
Brand: EMERSON/Emerson
Models: A6110, A6824, A6210, A6220, A6120
Working voltage: 200 (V)
Output frequency: 50 (kHz)

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A6120 Transducer Inputs
Number of Inputs Two, independent, differential inputs
Type of Inputs Piezoelectric
(accelerometer or velometer)
Input Resistance >100 kΩ
Input Voltage Range -5 to +15 VDC
Signal Input Voltage Range 6125/00, 311 – 9500 mV peak to peak
Signal Input Voltage Range 6125/10 16 – 450 mV peak to peak
(special high temperature sensor)


A6120 Analysis
Measurement Modes „ Hot configurable „ Independent dual-channel
Accelerometer Sensor (either RMS or 0 to Peak) „ 30 – 8 kHz, g’s „ 10 – 2 kHz, g’s or velocity „ 6 – 1 kHz, g’s or velocity
Velocity Sensor (either RMS or 0 to Peak)
„ 10 – 2.0 kHz, velocity or displacement
„ 6 – 1.5 kHz velocity or displacement
„ 2 – 250 Hz velocity or displacement
Analysis Parameters „ ½x, 1 – 10x and phase angle of same „ Available via ModBus TCP/IP output CSI 4500 Interface „ 4 channel connector designed for CSI 4500 plug & play


PCB/EURO card format according to
DIN 41494, 100 x 160mm (3.937 x 6.300in)
Width: 30.0mm (1.181in) (6 TE)
Height: 128.4mm (5.055in) (3 HE)
Length: 160.0mm (6.300in)
Net Weight: app 320g (0.705lbs)
Gross Weight: app 450g (0.992lbs)
includes standard packing
Packing Volume: app 2.5dm3 (0.08ft3)

Requirements: 1 slot
14 modules fit into each 19” rack

The Case Seismic Vibration Monitor, for use with electromechanical seismic transducers, is designed for high reliability for the plant’s most critical rotating machinery. This 1-slot monitor is used together with other CSI 6500 monitors to build a complete API 670 machinery protection monitor. Applications include steam, gas, compressors and hydro turbomachinery. Case measurements are common in nuclear power applications. The main functionality of the Case Seismic Vibration Monitor is to accurately monitor case seismic vibration and reliably protect machinery by comparing vibration parameters against alarm setpoints, driving alarms and relays. Case seismic vibration sensors, sometimes called case absolute (not to be confused with shaft absolute), are electro-dynamic, internal spring and magnet, velocity output type sensors.


The case seismic vibration monitor provides overall vibration monitoring for the bearing case in velocity, mm/sec (in/sec). Since the sensor is mounted on the case, the resultant vibration of the case could be influenced by many different sources including rotor movement, foundation and case stiffness, blade vibration, adjacent machines, etc. When replacing field sensors, many sensors are being updated with piezoelectrictype sensors that provide internal integration from acceleration to velocity. The piezoelectric-type sensor is a newer style electronic sensor, instead of an older electromechanical sensor. The Case Seismic Vibration Monitor is backward-compatible to the electro-mechanical sensors installed in the field.


The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is an integral part of PlantWeb® and AMS Suite. PlantWeb provides operations integrated machinery health combined with the Ovation® and DeltaV™ process control system. AMS Suite provides maintenance personnel advanced predictive and performance diagnostic tools to confidently and accurately determine machine malfunctions early.