B&R touch screen 4PP065.0571-X74F human-machine interface


Manufacturer: B&R
Part number: 4PP065.0571-X74F
Product catalog: 4PP065.0571-X74F

Power Panel PP65, 5.7″ QVGA color TFT display with touch screen (resistive), 10 function keys, 10 MB DRAM, 232 kB SRAM, CompactFlash slot, Ethernet 10/100, 1x X2X Link, 2x USB, IP65 protection (front side).

Warranty maintenance: one year
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B&R touch screen 4PP065.0571-X74F human-machine interface

4PP065.0571-X74F – Technical data

1) Typical service life (at 50% buffer operation: 25°C when device turned off, 50°C when device turned on)
Maximum service life in 24-hour operation (no buffer): 6 years at 25°C, 5 years at 50°C
Maximum service life when device turned off: 2 years at 25°C, 1 year at 50°C
2) Maintenance Controller Extended
3) At max. specified ambient temperature: Typ. 50 ppm (4 s), worst case 100 ppm (8 s)
4) Weight including fasteners and battery (46.5 g) but without an interface module

Device description • 4PP065.0571-X74F
62 Power Panel 65 User’s manual V2.30
Model number 4PP065.0571-X74F
CE Yes
UL cULus E115267
Industrial control equipment
Bootloader, operating system
PP65 supported starting with version Automation Runtime, C2.96
Type Geode LX800, 32-bit x86
Clock frequency 500 MHz
L1 cache 128 kB (64 kB I-cache / 64 kB D-cache)
L2 cache 128 kB
Expanded command set MMX technology, 3D Now
Floating point unit (FPU) Yes
Flash 4 MB (for firmware)
Cooling Passive via heat sink
Mode/Node switches 2, 16 positions each
Remanent variables 32 kB
Watchdog MTCX 2)
Real-time clock
Accuracy At 25°C: Typ. 30 ppm (2.5 seconds) per day 3)
Battery-backed Yes
Power failure logic
Controller MTCX 2)
Buffer time 10 ms
Controller Geode LX800
Memory 8 MB shared memory (allocated in RAM)
Standard memory
User RAM 232 kB SRAM
PP65 Compact IF slot 1
Type TFT color
Diagonal 5.7″ (144 mm)
Colors 262,144
Resolution QVGA, 320 x 240 pixels
Contrast 350:1
Viewing angles
Horizontal Direction R / Direction L = 60°
Vertical Direction U = 65° / Direction D = 50°
Brightness 500 cd/m²
Half-brightness time 50,000 h
Touch screen
Technology Analog, resistive
Controller B&R, 12-bit
Transmittance 70% ±10%
Screen rotation Yes (see chapter “Installation”, section “Screen rotation”)

B&R touch screen 4PP065.0571-X74F human-machine interface


Optional accessories
0AC201.91 Lithium batteries, 4 pcs., 3 V / 950 mAh, button cell
4A0006.00-000 Lithium battery 3 V / 950 mAh, button cell
4A0075.00-000 5 DIN A4 legend sheets, 16 strips for a total of 40 PP65 5.7″ devices, CorelDraw template is available online for download.
4PP065.IF10-1 PP65 interface module, 1 RS232 interface
4PP065.IF23-1 PP65 interface module, 1 RS232/RS485/RS422 interface (RS422: electrically isolated, RS485: electrically isolated and
network-capable), 1 CAN interface (electrically isolated and network-capable).
Order 0TB710.91 terminal blocks separately.
4PP065.IF24-1 PP65 interface module, 1 PROFIBUS DP slave interface (electrically isolated and network-capable), 1 RS232/RS422/
RS485 interface (RS422/RS485: electrically isolated and network-capable)
4PP065.IF33-1 PP65 interface module, 2 CAN interfaces (electrically isolated and network-capable).
Order 0TB710.91 terminal blocks separately.
5MMUSB.2048-01 USB 2.0 flash drive 2048 MB B&R
Included in delivery
4PP065.0571-X74F Power Panel 65 including installation accessories
4A0006.00-000 Lithium battery 3 V / 950 mAh, button cell