086349-002 ABB Controller module motor card inventory

Numer modelu: 086349-002
Manufacturer: ABB
Serial ports: 6
Network ports: 8
Port isolation: 500 VDC
Weight : 3.18 Kg
Shipping Weight : 4.5 Kg

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086349-002 Features:
256 color CTN, 16 level blue grayscale STN;
Backlight: CCFT;
32BIT RISC (206MHz) CPU;
Display area of 5.7 inches, with a resolution of 320X240 pixels;
Adjust the display contrast on the touch screen;
• Equipped with 2048Kbyte Flash Memory;
• Optional recipe card 1024K;
4-wire analog resistive touch screen;
• COM1/2: RS232&RS485/RS232&RS422&RS485;
Compatible with parallel ports;
24V (± 10%) DC power supply;
Power: less than 12W;
• RF radiation: CISPR22, Class A;
• Static discharge: IEC 61000-4-2 (EN55024/1998)
• RF sensitivity: IEC 61000-4-2 (EN55024/1998)
• Instantaneous high frequency: IEC 61000-4-2 (EN55024/1998)
Working temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius;
Storage temperature: -10~60 degrees Celsius;
Environmental humidity: 20~90% RH without frost;
Anti vibration: 0.5mm displacement of 10~55Hz, for 2 hours in X, Y, and Z directions respectively;
Front panel sealing: IP65/NEMA4;


This protection function is used to introduce a trip time-delay in case of shortcircuit. S function is necessary when time-current discrimination is required
so that the tripping is delayed more and more by approaching the supply
The trip curve of this protection (which can be excluded) is defined by a current
threshold I2 and by a trip time t2. In details :
• I2 represents the current value beyond which the protection function
commands the opening of the circuit-breaker, according to one of the
following tripping characteristics:
– with inverse time delay, where the link time-current is given by the
relation I2
t = k (constant let-through energy)
– with definite time, where the trip time is given by the relation
t=k (constant time); in this case the tripping time is equal for any
value of current higher than I2;
• t2 represents the trip time of the protection, in seconds, in correspondence
– a well defined multiple of In for the tripping curve at I2
t = k;
– I2 for the tripping curve at t = k
In order to set properly the current I4 and the time t4 of the function G, it is
necessary to comply with the requirements reported in the installation Standard
(see Chapter 4 of Part 2 – “Protection of human beings”).
XT4N 250 with trip unit Ekip LSIG In 250
function G (I4=0.2-0.25-0.45-0.55-0.75-0.8-1 x In)
IkPE=120 A
distribution system: TN-S.
In TN systems, a bolted fault to ground on the LV side usually generates a current with a value analogous to that of a short-circuit and the fault current flowing
through the phase and/or the protection conductor (or the conductors) does
not affect the earthing system at all.
The relation concerning TN-S distribution systems Zs x Ia ≤ Uo can be expressed as follows:
Ia ≤ Uo = IkLPE Zs
• Uo is the voltage phase-to-PE;
• Zs is the fault ring impedance;
• Ia is the trip current within the time delay established by the Standard (see
Chapter 4 of Part 2 – “Protection of human beings”).
• IkLPE= is the fault current phase-to-PE
Therefore, it is possible to affirm that the protection against indirect contacts is
verified if the trip current Ia is lower than the fault current phase-PE (IklPE) which is
present in correspondence with the exposed conductive part to be protected.
Setting G = IkPE = 120 = 0.48
n 250
the setting 0.45 is selected.