SCXI-1120D SCXI series module chassis NI 1120D


Part number: SCXI-1120D
Brand: NI
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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Title: Getting Started with NI SCXI Chassis and Programming Options

1. Introduction to SCXI Chassis: The SCXI-1000 and SCXI-1001 chassis operate on standard AC power, while the SCXI-1000DC is powered by a 9.5 to 16 VDC source, such as the optional SCXI-1382 battery pack or the SCXI-1383 power supply. Each SCXI chassis provides a low-noise environment for signal conditioning, offering power and control circuitry for modules. Refer to Appendix A for detailed specifications.

SCXI-1120D SCXI series module chassis NI 1120D

2. Setting Up Your SCXI Chassis: To get started with your SCXI chassis, you’ll need the following:

  • Hardware:
    • SCXI-1000, SCXI-1000DC, or SCXI-1001 chassis
    • Power cord (120, 220, or 240 VAC)
    • SCXI-1382 battery pack (for SCXI-1000DC only)
    • SCXI-1383 (VDC) power supply (for SCXI-1000DC only)
    • Computer
  • Software:
    • NI-DAQ
    • One of the following software packages:
      • LabVIEW
      • LabWindows/CVI
      • Measurement Studio
  • Documentation:
    • SCXI Chassis User Manual
    • Read Me First: Safety and Radio-Frequency Interference
    • SCXI Quick Start Guide
    • Documentation for your hardware
    • Documentation for your software

All necessary documentation can be downloaded from

SCXI-1120D SCXI series module chassis NI 1120D

3. Programming Options for NI Plug-in DAQ and SCXI Hardware: When programming NI plug-in DAQ and SCXI hardware, you have multiple options:

  • NI-DAQ:
    • Extensive library of functions accessible from the application development environment (ADE).
    • Handles complex interactions between the computer and DAQ hardware.
    • Maintains a consistent software interface across versions.
  • National Instruments ADE Software:
    • LabVIEW: Interactive graphics, a powerful graphical programming language, and a Data Acquisition VI Library for NI DAQ hardware.
    • LabWindows/CVI: ANSI C ADE with an interactive user interface, code generation tools, and Data Acquisition and Easy I/O libraries.
    • Measurement Studio: Development suite for Visual C++ and Visual Basic, providing tools for designing test and measurement applications.
    • VI Logger: Configuration-based software for easy data logging applications, suitable for users without programming skills.

Choosing LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio, or VI Logger significantly reduces development time for data acquisition and control applications.

Conclusion: With the SCXI chassis and the flexibility of programming options, users can efficiently set up and program their systems for a variety of applications. Accessing detailed documentation and selecting the appropriate hardware and software components are essential steps to ensure a smooth development process.