SC402-001-T2 servo drive board – Pacific


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SC402-001-T2 servo drive board – Pacific

SC402-001-T2 servo drive board – Pacific


Distributed Control System (DCS) is a comprehensive product of computer, automatic control technology, and network communication technology. It is based on the design concept of decentralized control, decentralized danger, centralized operation and management, and adopts a multi-level hierarchical, cooperative and autonomous structural form, adapting to the requirements of modern production and enterprise management. Due to the integration of the latest fieldbus, embedded software, advanced control, reporting technology, CRT, and network technology into DCS, it is able to comprehensively control the entire production process from a large equipment to a modern chemical plant, and provide a basic platform for the full process information management of the factory.

Since the system debugging to normal use for nearly two years, the DCS system has not only operated very normally, but also greatly improved production efficiency. But we believe that as technical personnel of the company, maintaining the stability of the DCS system is not enough. Instead, we need to continuously improve and improve this system, delve deeply into it, and fully develop and utilize its powerful functions based on the actual situation of our factory, so that it can be used by the enterprise to the maximum extent possible. To improve the operational efficiency of the DCS control system in normal production, it is necessary to add a considerable number of control points to the control system in order to further optimize operation according to production requirements. However, during the process of increasing, it was found that the load rate of the original hardware configuration had reached 96%. In such cases, the system not only often crashes, but also easily crashes when it reaches over 90%, posing a great threat to the operation of on-site devices.

Through on-site investigation and detailed analysis of the existing situation, a series of operating parameters of the CPU were checked and it was found that there are mainly several problems in the system: insufficient hardware capacity, relatively excessive monitoring data, relatively large number of address points, adjustment of address configuration parameters, and improper setting of CUP parameters. The actual inspection on site found that stations with high CPU load are all equipped with smaller CPUs, such as coal mill site stations and raw material processing site stations. However, if the low configuration equipment is removed and a higher level equipment is purchased, the method can be feasible and relatively simple, but the cost is relatively high and requires too much funds to be paid, which is not the best method, We do not recommend using this method unless it is absolutely necessary.


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