ABB AO910 AO910B module DCS


Model: AO910
Manufacturer: ABB
Product type: Controller module

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ABB AO910 AO910B module DCS

With the increasing maturity of industrial automation, modern chemical plants have abandoned their primitive equipment, single functionality, and lack of safety. Therefore, in the industrial automation sites we are engaged in, emergency stop buttons, safety locks, and safety systems are increasingly being applied to our automated production equipment and production lines. Their use adds safety assurance to the originally dangerous equipment. This enables safe monitoring of our work process, not only providing on-site operators with a better safety production environment, but also contributing to the efficient production and safety management of the enterprise.

As the most important part of the security family, secure PLCs have been increasingly recognized by people. However, in the process of use, there are still many users confused as to why a set of PLCs similar to those used in the past is called secure PLCs. What are the differences between secure PLCs and ordinary PLCs? I would like to share with you here.

As is well known, the concept of safety design requires us to remember three words: 1. redundancy; 2. Differences; 3. Self inspection. Only products designed with the above three safety concepts can be considered safe, while ordinary PLC products do not have a safe design. Next, let’s take a look at how safety PLCs are designed to implement these three concepts.


GJR2368900R2200 87TS01E
GJR2368900R1545 87TS01
GJR2368900R1510 87TS01
GJR2368900R1313 87TS01KE
GJR2366500R1010 83SR09E
GJR2366000R1000 81EA02E
GJR2365700R1010 88VA02A-E
GJR2363900R1000 88VT02
GJR2349000R1100 81EB02
GJR2349000R1000 81EB02EE
GJR2344600R1011 89PT01E
GJR2342600R1000 81AB01
GJR2342500R1000 88QT02C-E
GJR2341500R0100 88FK01DE
GJR2332300R0200 88FV01E
GJR2330200R0010 XT377
GJR2329800R1 88UM01E
GJR2326500R1011 88VU01B-E
GJR2326500R1010 88VU01E
GJR2322600R0100 88UB01A