SBRIO-9642 NI SBRIO Equipment – Mechanical Design


Part number: SBRIO-9642
Brand: NI
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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Title: Guidelines for Ensuring Optimal Performance and Reliability of NI sbRIO-9607 Devices

1. Establishing Effective Grounding: To ensure optimal performance and protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD), it is crucial to connect the front I/O connector shields, chassis ground bracket, and mounting holes internally, forming a unified chassis ground. Capacitive coupling to digital ground near each IO connector enhances ESD protection. For the best results, connect the chassis ground at the mounting holes or chassis ground bracket to a low-inductance earth ground. To prevent device failure, verify that stray ground currents do not use the NI sbRIO device as a return path. Measure and equalize the current flowing into and out of the power connector, addressing any discrepancies.

SBRIO-9642 NI SBRIO Equipment – Mechanical Design

2. Thermal Management Strategies: Due to the compact size of the sbRIO-9607, managing heat generated during operation is paramount. Adequate planning for thermal conditions throughout development and validation is necessary. The following considerations are essential for maximizing thermal performance:

a. Designing a Suitable Enclosure: NI sbRIO devices, like the sbRIO-9607, operate as components within larger systems and may require an enclosure for protection and heat dissipation. The responsibility for designing an enclosure that meets specific thermal requirements lies with the system integrator.

b. Understanding Thermal Specifications: Deployed systems have multiple temperature measurement locations indicating system and device thermal performance. Considerations should include the fact that critical component temperatures may differ from local air temperatures, and the external ambient temperature must align with specified operating conditions.

c. Shock and Vibration Considerations: Design your sbRIO-9607 system to resist fretting corrosion and damage caused by shock and vibration. Key considerations include:

SBRIO-9642 NI SBRIO Equipment – Mechanical Design
- Shorter SEARAY stack heights generally perform better.
- Directly mounting the thermal solution to a rigid surface yields optimal performance.
- If direct mounting is not feasible, minimize additional mass supported solely by the sbRIO-9607.
- Use connectors with positive locking, strain relief provisions, and substantial gold plating on pins.
- NI provides tested cable assemblies and connectivity accessories designed for rugged environments to enhance system durability.

Implementing these thermal management strategies ensures that NI sbRIO devices operate reliably in various temperature conditions and remain resilient against shock and vibration challenges.

The sbRIO-9607 has a tri-speed RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port. By default, the Ethernet port is enabled and configured to obtain an IP address automatically. The Ethernet port can be configured in MAX.
The following table shows the pinout for the RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port.