Rockwell 2711P-T15C4D2 Industrial Interface 15 inches


Part number: 2711P-T15C4D2
Brand: Rockwell
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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Rockwell 2711P-T15C4D2 Industrial Interface 15 inches

Rockwell 2711P-T15C4D2 Industrial Interface 15 inches


Description: The Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation 2711P-T15C4D2 terminal is an industrial operator interface terminal. It can be obtained through the Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1500 terminal series for controlling industrial machines and flashing application data. The 2711P-T15C4D2 operator terminal flashes its data clearly and beautifully through colorful graphics. In addition, the terminal is controlled by a touch screen and has a flashing screen width of 15 inches. The 2711P-T15C4D2 operator terminal has a 15 inch flash screen.

Technical Specifications for 2711P-T15C4D2

Manufacturer Rockwell Automation
Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 2711P-T15C4D2
Series Panelview Plus 1500
Input Method Touchscreen Input
Communicaion Ports Standard Communication Ethernet, USB, RS-232
Power 24 VDC Input
Display Type 15 in. Color Display
Features 128 MB


The 2711P-T15C4D2 PanelView Plus 1500by Allen-Bradley is an HMI that has a nominal input voltage of 24 Volts DC and a range between 18 and 32 Volts DC. It has a power output of 39W at 1.6 Amps, which can peak at 70W at 2.9 Amps. It has a cache memory of 64MB, expandable to 512MB, and a volatile memory of 64MB with field upgrade of up to 256MB. It supports an external memory capability through the external SD card slot. The 2711P-T15C4D2 uses the 10 to 100Mbps BaseT Ethernet port to communicate with a far-reaching network protocol and it uses the RS-232 serial port for the transmission of data, communication with a logic controller, and for easy configuration by a PC.

It also uses a USB 2.0 port for connection to external and peripheral devices and it has a factory-built battery-backed real-time clock, with 4 years of battery life. For enhanced communication, the module with the network interface is attached to the base-configured unit of the 2711P-T15C4D2 for easy access to the DH-485 and ControlNet network. The input of data and settings of the user application parameter is done through the thin-film transistor LCD with a display size of 15 inches and display dimensions of 12.0 x 9.0 inches. The display module has a backlight with up to 50,000 hours of standby time, and a resolution of 1024 x 768, 18-bit color graphics with 300 cd/m2 (Nits) display brightness. It weighs approximately 9.3 pounds and it has dimensions of 12.97 x 16.37 x 2.55 inches.


The two CCD cameras installed at the top left and right corners can accurately detect the positions of your multiple fingers, allowing you not only to click and drag, but also to freely rotate and zoom in on the image, all of which depend on the number and unit area of your fingers. You can also enjoy the fun of controlling the movement of 3D objects and making zero distance contact with virtual animals on the screen by gently touching the screen.
1.2 Main technical characteristics of CCD optical touch screen
Support for multi touch and dual writing;
Suitable for various displays such as LCD, plasma, LED, and projectors (front projection, back projection), with sizes ranging from 15 inches to 250 inches;
C has multi screen interactive function, and a computer can connect up to 4 touch screens;
D driver free, the touch screen can be directly used after connecting to the PC host, without the need to install drivers, and can still be used normally after replacing different computers.
Another key advantage of e-optical touch is that it typically does not have direct contact with fingers, pens, or other recognized hardware. This reduces the possibility of touch screen failure due to contact failure, aging, and fatigue. This is also related to the requirement of low pressure touch. In an optical touch system, as long as it comes into contact with the beam of light, there is no need to detect force or trigger the system.


Allen Bradley 2711P-T15C4D2 PanelView Plus 1500 color terminal 15 inches, touch screen, standard communication (Ethernet and RS-232), 128 MB flash memory, 128 MB RAM, DC power, A-series