PXIE-8880 PXI embedded controller-NI 8880


Part number: PXIE-8880
Brand: NI
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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Title: National Instruments PXIe-8101 PXI Controller: A Compact and Powerful Solution for PXI Express Systems

Introduction: The National Instruments PXIe-8101 PXI Controller, equipped with an Intel Celeron Processor and standard I/O, stands out as a versatile and compact embedded computer designed specifically for PXI Express systems.

PXIE-8880 PXI embedded controller-NI 8880

Key Features:

  1. Processor and I/O Capabilities:
    • Powered by an Intel Celeron Processor 575 (2.00 GHz single-core) with a 667 MHz FSB.
    • Supports a range of I/O functions commonly found in standard desktop computers.
  2. Connectivity Options:
    • Achieve connectivity through Ethernet, USB, and a serial bus.
    • Features 1 DVI-I connector for external monitor attachment.
  3. Form Factor and Design:
    • Compact 3U-size form factor for a space-efficient design.
    • Modular construction tailored for PXI Express systems.
  4. Peripheral Compatibility:
    • Supports various peripherals through USB, including pointing devices, input devices, printers, and plotters.
  5. Logic Blocks and CPU Module:
    • Numerous logic blocks on the CPU module, each performing assigned tasks and communicating with other logic blocks.
  6. Memory Specifications:
    • 1 DDR2 SDRAM socket with a maximum capacity of 4 gigabytes for RAM or random-access memory.
  7. Graphics Performance:
    • Enhanced graphics performance with an Intel graphics chipset connecting to SDRAM, CPU, and DVI-I.
  8. Watchdog Timer:
    • Includes a watchdog timer block for added functionality.

PXIE-8880 PXI embedded controller-NI 8880

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: PXIe-8101
  • Manufacturer: National Instruments
  • Part Numbers: 781182-00, 781182-01, and 781182-02
  • Type: PXI Controller
  • Standard System Memory: 1 GB 800 MHz DDR2 RAM PC2 6400
  • PXI Express Configuration: 4 Link Configuration (x1, x1, x1, x1)
  • Slot Requirements: One system slot plus three controller expansion slots
  • Dimensions: 1.59 by 5.1 by 8.5 in.
  • Weight: 1.42 lb.

Conclusion: The NI PXIe-8101 PXI Controller, with its powerful processor, diverse connectivity options, and compact design, is an ideal solution for various control and automation applications within PXI Express systems. Its compatibility with a range of peripherals and efficient logic block communication make it a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and high-performance PXI Controller.

• Processor: Single Core 2 GHz Intel Celeron 575
• 1 GB – 4 GB RAM*
• 80 GB – 250 GB Hard Drive*
• USB, Ethernet, Serial, VGA, LPT, DVI-I Interfaces

Part Number: 196575C-712L, 196575A-812L, 196575C-812L, 196575A-712L, 780955-01, 196575D-712L, 196575C-082L, 196575C-012L