PCIE-6321 X Series for USB and PXI Express


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PCIE-6321 X Series for USB and PXI Express


NI X Series multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) devices include the NI-STC3, an ASIC designed by NI for advanced timing, triggering, and synchronization. This technology includes the following: Four counter/timers with more functionality than ever before, such as the ability to create a finite pulse train with a single counter A 100 MHz timebase for faster triggering response and more precise generation of analog and digital sample clocks Independent analog and digital timing engines Retriggerable measurement tasks for analog I/O, digital I/O, and counter/timers

Native PCI Express Interface

In contrast to a PCI-to-PCI Express bridge chip, which limits the bandwidth of the device to that of the PCI bus and introduces latency, PCI Express and PXI Express X Series devices use a native x1 PCI Express interface that provides up to 250 MB/s in each direction. National Instruments has also optimized this interface for low latency in single-point control applications. You can use X Series PCI Express boards in any PCI Express slot from x1 up to x16.

NI Signal Streaming

USB X Series devices include patented NI Signal Streaming, a technology that uses message-based instructions and device-side intelligence to ensure high-speed, bidirectional data transfer over USB. With USB X Series, you can concurrently transfer analog, digital, and counter data in both directions. The total device throughput over USB is PC-dependent; on some systems, up to 32 MB/s sustained transfers are possible.


PCIE-6321 converts the measured AC voltage into a relay switch quantity contact output.
Product features:
*Easy to install:
Install using standard 35mm guide rails commonly used in industrial control cabinets
*Alarm output:
Single or dual relay output
*Convenient parameter settings:
The front panel is specially designed to adjust various parameters such as upper/lower limit alarm values and alarm modes on site
*Work status visible:
LED display facilitates parameter adjustment
*Can monitor multiple faults:
Intelligent design that can identify fault states such as undervoltage, overvoltage, imbalance, phase sequence abnormalities, and current exceeding limits.

PCI Express and PXI Express X Series devices are compatible with NI-DAQmx Version 9.0 or later driver software. USB X Series devices require NI-DAQmx Version 9.2 or later. More than a basic driver, NI-DAQmx includes the NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) configuration utility, the DAQ Assistant for rapid development of basic applications, and hundreds of example programs for NI LabVIEW and text-based languages. NI-DAQmx also includes LabVIEW SignalExpress LE basic data-logging software.

NI-DAQmx 9.0 introduces the ability to synchronize multiple PCI Express or PXI Express X Series devices with a single NI-DAQmx task, which previously took several tasks and manual routing of clocks and triggers. This version also introduces the fastest, easiest way to acquire measurement data to disk in the Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) format with the new Configure Logging VI. NI-DAQmx 9.2 introduces the ability to log acquired data to TDMS files within the DAQ Assistant Express VI. With NI-DAQmx and intuitive LabVIEW graphical programming, you can easily develop applications that take advantage of today’s multicore systems so you can perform acquisition, signal processing, and data logging on different CPU cores.