PCI-6518 Industrial Digital I/O Equipment


PCI-6518 is an industrial digital I/O interface with two optical isolation channels. The PCI-6518 module is an industrial digital I/O interface with eight isolated channels. Each input group can be connected in either source or drain configuration.

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PCI-6518 Industrial Digital I/O Equipment


The PCI-6518 (Part Number: 779084-01) comes with an option for synchronous I/O (or blocking I/O) that would leave the procedure/undertaking in a holding up state until the I/O ends. All things considered, it will let framework assets sit without moving. When a procedure makes numerous I/O tasks, this implies the processor can invest most of its energy for I/O activities to finish. Numerous mechanical applications offer more important normal mode noise dismissal in electrically uproarious events and seclusion to cover the gadgets from transient voltage spikes containing hardware and inductive loads. In bank-to-bank segregated models, like the case of an NI PCI-6518, every bank or gathering that comes with a couple channels has a similar ground but is isolated from other banks. The NI device has 16 source/sink input lines and 16 source output lines, a maximum input voltage of ±30 VDC, a maximum input current of 12.5 mA/line, and a propagation delay of 75 μs.

The PCI 6518 NI Digital I/O Device has simple signal ways that have been carefully composed, tried, and adjusted to guarantee the most astounding conceivable precision is accomplished over all information channels. Considering this careful plan and-test theory, NI can give recorded precision details to permit an entire comprehension of gadget execution under a scope of conceivable working conditions. The determination documentation for every gadget gives an area dedicated to understanding the calculation of AI supreme precision, nearby an abundance of other execution subtle elements.

The NI device is run using the NI-DAQmx driver software which is compatible with software packages such as LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, or Measurement Studio. It can be configured using the Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) tool.

The PCI 6518 requires installed timing hardware to control simple, advanced, and counter I/O lines. This Digital I/O Device includes the NI-STC3 chipset to give up to four improved counters, a 100 MHz timebase, and extra choices for I/O timing and activating. It is equipped with a 37-pin male DSUB I/O connector.

The NI device weighs 2.5 oz, and measures 5.54 x 4.47 in. in physical dimensions. It has a recommended operating temperature range of 0 °C to 55 °C, and a storage temperature range of –20 °C to 70 °C.


Model PCI-6518
Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Number 779084-01
Type Digital I/O Device
Input Lines 16 Source/Sink
Output Lines 16 Source
Isolation Bank
Maximum Input Voltage ±30 VDC
Maximum Input Current 12.5 mA/line
Propagation Delay 75 μs
I/O Connector 37-pin male D-SUB
Power Requirements +5 , +3.3 VDC – 250, 300 mA
Dimensions 5.54 in × 4.47 in.
Weight 2.5 oz.


National Instruments PCI-6518 Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is the power consumption of the PCI 6518?


Answer: The power consumption of the PCI 6518 is 250 mA, typical at +5 VDC (±5%) and 300 mA, typical at +3.3 VDC (±5%).


Question: What is the digital input voltage range of the PCI-6518?


Answer: The digital input voltage range of the PCI-6518 is -30 V to 30 V.


Question: What is the power-on state of the NI PCI 6518?


Answer: The power-on state of the NI PCI 6518 is 0 (open), default; user-programmable to 0 or 1.


Question: What is the output current of the NI PCI-6518?


Answer: The output current of the NI PCI-6518 is 350 (75) mA.