PCI-6221 M Series Data Acquisition Equipment


Manufacturer: NI
Model: PCI-6221
Product Name: Data Collection
Warranty: One year warranty

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PCI-6221 M Series Data Acquisition Equipment


Analog Input
Number of channels 8 differential or 16 single ended
ADC resolution 16 bits
DNL No missing codes guaranteed
INL Refer to the AI Absolute Accuracy section
Sample rate
Single channel maximum 250 kS/s
Multichannel maximum (aggregate) 250 kS/s
Minimum No minimum
Timing accuracy 50 ppm of sample rate
Timing resolution 50 ns
Input coupling DC
Input range ±0.2 V, ±1 V, ±5 V, ±10 V
Maximum working voltage for analog
inputs (signal + common mode)
±11 V of AI GND
CMRR (DC to 60 Hz) 92 dB
Input impedance
Device on
AI+ to AI GND >10 GΩ in parallel with 100 pF
AI- to AI GND >10 GΩ in parallel with 100 pF

Device off
AI+ to AI GND 820 Ω
AI- to AI GND 820 Ω
Input bias current ±100 pA
Crosstalk (at 100 kHz)
Adjacent channels -75 dB
Non-adjacent channels -90 dB
Small signal bandwidth (-3 dB) 700 kHz
Input FIFO size 4,095 samples
Scan list memory 4,095 entries
Data Transfers
PCI/PXI DMA (scatter-gather), interrupts,
programmed I/O
USB USB Signal Stream, programmed I/O
Overvoltage protection for all analog input and sense channels
Device on ±25 V for up to two AI pins
Device off ±15 V for up to two AI pins
Input current during overvoltage condition ±20 mA maximum/AI pin

Static Characteristics
Number of channels 24 total, 8 (P0.<0..7>),
16 (PFI <0..7>/P1, PFI <8..15>/P2)
Ground reference D GND
Direction control Each terminal individually programmable as
input or output
Pull-down resistor 50 kΩ typical, 20 kΩ minimum
Input voltage protection ±20 V on up to two pins2


Frequency Generator
Number of channels 1
Base clocks 10 MHz, 100 kHz
Divisors 1 to 16
Base clock accuracy 50 ppm
Output can be available on any output PFI or RTSI terminal.


Physical Characteristics
PCI printed circuit board 10.6 cm × 15.5 cm (4.2 in. × 6.1 in.)
PXI printed circuit board Standard 3U PXI
USB Screw Terminal enclosure
(includes connectors)
26.67 cm × 17.09 cm × 4.45 cm
(10.5 in. × 6.73 in. × 1.75 in.)
USB BNC enclosure
(includes connectors)
28.6 cm × 17 cm × 6.9 cm
(11.25 in. × 6.7 in. × 2.7 in.)
USB OEM Refer to the NI USB-622x/625x/628x OEM
User Guide
PCI 92 g (3.2 oz)
PXI 162 g (5.7 oz)
USB Screw Terminal 1.2 kg (2 lb 10 oz)
USB OEM 131 g (4.6 oz)
I/O connector
PCI/PXI 1 68-pin VHDCI
USB Screw Terminal 64 screw terminals
USB BNC 20 BNCs and 30 screw terminals
USB Screw Terminal/BNC screw terminal
16 to 28 AWG