NI SCXI-1338 Custom Circuit Module


Part number: SCXI-1338
Brand: NI
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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Title: National Instruments SCXI-1180 Custom Circuitry Module: Versatile Signal Management

1. Introduction to the SCXI-1180 Module: The National Instruments SCXI-1180, identified by Part Number 776572-80, is a versatile custom circuitry module designed to seamlessly integrate unconditioned signals into a compact SCXI chassis-based system. Equipped with a front panel and a 50-pin ribbon-cable assembly, this module provides flexibility for signal management.

2. Compatibility and Utilization: The SCXI-1180 can be effectively used in conjunction with the SCXI-1302 Terminal Block for signal breakout. It is compatible with various data acquisition boards, including PC, AT, and MC boards, operating with NI-DAQ software for DOS/Windows/LabWindows. Additionally, this custom circuitry module is suitable for NB Series data acquisition boards, working seamlessly with LabVIEW or NI-DAQ software for Macintosh.

3. Key Features and Functionality:

  • The module extends signal lines for unconditioned signals from the back to the front of an SCXI chassis.
  • Occupying only one slot, the SCXI-1180 easily links with the user’s SCXI cable accessory.
  • It serves as a convenient means to direct I/O signals from individual DAQ instruments to the front of the SCXI system.
  • Acts as a daisy-chain extender when used with the SCXI-1340, SCXI-1341, or SCXI-1342 cable assembly, enabling access to signals on the cable between a module and a plug-in board.

NI SCXI-1338 Custom Circuit Module

4. FAQs:

Question: What type of cable assembly is used for the SCXI 1180?

  • Answer: The SCXI-1180 utilizes a 50-pin ribbon-cable assembly.

Question: Is the SCXI-1180 configured as part of the SCXI system when accessing digital lines on a PCI-6221?

  • Answer: When used to read digital lines on a PCI-6221, the SCXI-1180 is not configured as part of the SCXI system since it does not communicate with the backplane. The slot should be labeled as “empty,” and channel names of the DAQ device are used to access the lines needed.

Question: How is the feedthrough panel on the NI SCXI-1180?

  • Answer: The feedthrough panel on the NI SCXI-1180 serves as a 50-pin cable-extension device.

5. Technical Details:

  • Model: SCXI-1180
  • Manufacturer: National Instruments
  • Part Number: 776572-80
  • Type: Custom Circuitry Module
  • For Use With: SCXI product lines
  • Cable Assembly Type: 50-pin

In summary, the SCXI-1180 Custom Circuitry Module by National Instruments offers a versatile solution for efficient signal management in SCXI chassis-based systems, providing users with flexibility and convenience in handling unconditioned signals.