NI PXIE-6124 Multifunctional I/O Devices


Part number: PXIe-6124, 4 AI, 2 AO, 24 DIO, PXI Multifunction I/O Module
Brand: NI
Service: Professional
Warranty: One year
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Title: National Instruments PXIe-6124: A Comprehensive Multifunction I/O Solution

Introduction: The National Instruments PXIe-6124 (Part Number: 780536-01) stands as a versatile Multifunction I/O Module, offering a myriad of features for seamless data acquisition and signal processing. This article delves into its specifications, capabilities, and applications.

  1. Key Features:
    • The PXIe-6124 boasts four differential analog inputs with a built-in ADC featuring 16-bit resolution.
    • A high 4 MS per second per channel sample rate ensures efficient data capture.
    • Input bias current of ±10 pico-amperes, DC coupling mechanism, and inter-channel slew of 5 nanoseconds contribute to precision.
  2. Analog Output Channels:
    • Two analog output voltage channels with a sampling rate of 4 MS per second for one channel and 2.5 MS per second for two channels.
    • Output voltage range of ±10 volts, low 0.4-ohm output impedance, and ±5 milliamperes output current drive.
    • Overdrive protection voltage of ±25 volts and overdrive current of 10 milliamperes.
    • A swift slew rate of 20 volts per microsecond ensures dynamic signal generation.

NI PXIE-6124 Multifunctional I/O Devices

  1. Powerful Counting Capabilities:
    • Built-in 32-bit counter for a range of measurements, including two-edge separation, edge counting, period, semi-period, and pulse counting.
  2. Low Power-On Glitches:
    • The PXIe-6124 exhibits a low power-on glitch of 1.5 volts for 10 microseconds, facilitating simultaneous sampling and multifunction DAQ requirements.
  3. Application Versatility:
    • Suitable for a range of applications such as IF digitization, ISDN, ADSL, and POTS testing.
  4. Specifications:
    • Model: PXIe-6124
    • Part Number: 780536-01
    • Manufacturer: National Instruments
    • Type: PXI Multifunction I/O Module
    • Differential Analog Input Channels: 4
    • Maximum Sample Rate: 4 MS/s per channel
    • Analog Input Resolution: 16 bits
    • Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.9 in.
    • I/O Connector: 68-pin VHDCI

NI PXIE-6124 Multifunctional I/O Devices

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What is the analog input FIFO buffer size of the PXIe-6124?
    • A: The PXIe-6124 has an analog input FIFO buffer size of 16,382 samples.
  2. Q: What is the interchannel skew for the NI PXIe-6124?
    • A: The interchannel skew for the NI PXIe-6124 is 5 nS.
  3. Q: What type of electrical signal can the PXIe-6124 measure?
    • A: The PXIe-6124 can measure voltage signals.
  4. Q: What kind of counter measurements can the NI PXIe-6124 perform?
    • A: The NI PXIe-6124 can perform two-edge separation, edge counting, period, semi-period, and pulse counter measurements.