NI PCI-8516 LIN Interface Device


Description: PCI-8516, 2-Port, LIN Interface Device


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NI PCI-8516 LIN Interface Device


The PCI-8516 (Part Number: 781365-01) is a PCI-bus interface board intended for soft-motion controls. This model offers 6 channels, the most developed encoder interface, 16 bits D/A yield, and position mode servo drive or stepper drive for soft-motion controls. For processing up to 5MHZ A, B stage signals, both the encoder and the D/An interface are separated from the servo drive with broken or short wires being identified together with multi-stage advanced channels. Other propelled highlights offered by this model are subcount for low speed feedback, watchdog or encoder wire failure alert interferes with, record and general computerized inputs hinder with position locks, position examination and hinders for advanced CAM, even double enlistment capacities for printing together make it the best movement interface board ever.

Controller zone systems are utilized in the NI PCI-8516 as a part of a wide assortment of installed applications extending from small medical gadgets to huge earth-moving gear. To best exploit the cost and execution of CAN over these distinctive applications while keeping up programming and useful similarity for apparatuses, the user can utilize an assortment of physical layers improved for various benchmarks. The physical layer of a CAN usage directs the cabling writes, electrical signal levels, and termination scheme used. The segment of a CAN interface that associates a CAN controller to the system is known as a transceiver.

The PCI-8516 comes with 2-port fast LIN interface (20 kbit/s per port) with locally available ATA6620 transceivers, NI-XNET driver for creating edge and signal applications in LabVIEW, LabWindows™/CVI, and C/C++, and NI-XNET gadget driven DMA motor couples the LIN transport to have memory to limit message inactivity.


Model PCI-8516
Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Number 781365-01
Type LIN Interface Device
Ports 2
Transceiver ATMEL ATA6620
Physical Layer LIN
Maximum Baud Rate 20 kbits/s
Minimum Baud Rate 2400 bits/s
Trigger Lines 7 Input/Output
Clock Lines 1 Input/Output
I/O Compatibility TTL
I/O Connector 9-Pin Male D-sub
Power Requirements +3.3 VDC — 940 mA
Bus Power Required +8 V To +18 V
Dimensions 4.2 in. x 6.6 in.
Weight 0.22 lb.


Question: Do I need a database to work with the NI PCI-8516?


Answer: A database is not needed in order to operate the NI PCI-8516.


Question: What bus power is required for the PCI-8516?


Answer: The bus power required for the PCI-8516 is +8 V to +18 V


Question: What does a LIN interface indicate with the PCI-8516?


Answer: The PCI-8516 is a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) interface for developing applications with the NI-XNET driver.