NI-9853 sbRIO-9853 CompactRIO and NI-RIO modules


Manufacturer: National Instruments Corporation of the United States
Part number: NI-9853
IMax baud rate:1 Mbps
Ingress protection:IP40

Maximum altitude:5,000 m

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NI-9853 sbRIO-9853 CompactRIO and NI-RIO modules



Do not connect the product to signals or use for measurements within Measurement Categories II, III, or IV, or for measurements on MAINs circuits or on circuits derived from Overvoltage Category II, III, or IV which may have transient overvoltages above what the product can withstand. The product must not be connected to circuits that have a maximum voltage above the continuous working voltage, relative to earth or to other channels, or this could damage and defeat the insulation. The product can only withstand transients up to the transient overvoltage rating without breakdown or damage to the insulation. An analysis of the working voltages, loop impedances, temporary overvoltages, and transient overvoltages in the system must be conducted prior to making measurements.


Mise en garde

Ne pas connecter le produit à des signaux dans les catégories de mesure II, III ou IV et ne pas l’utiliser pour des mesures dans ces catégories, ou des mesures sur secteur ou sur des circuits dérivés de surtensions de catégorie II, III ou IV pouvant présenter des surtensions transitoires supérieures à ce que le produit peut supporter. Le produit ne doit pas être raccordé à des circuits ayant une tension maximale supérieure à la tension de fonctionnement continu, par rapport à la terre ou à d’autres voies, sous peine d’endommager et de compromettre l’isolation. Le produit peut tomber en panne et son isolation risque d’être endommagée si les tensions transitoires dépassent la surtension transitoire nominale. Une analyse des tensions de fonctionnement, des impédances de boucle, des surtensions temporaires et des surtensions transitoires dans le système doit être effectuée avant de procéder à des mesures.


Common-mode rejection ratio
High-resolution mode (at DC and 50 Hz to 60 Hz)
Channel-to-COM 100 dB
COM-to-earth ground >170 dB
High-speed mode (at 0 Hz to 60 Hz)
Channel-to-COM 70 dB
COM-to-earth ground >150 dB
Input bandwidth
High-resolution mode 14.4 Hz
High-speed mode 78 Hz
High-resolution noise rejection (at 50 Hz and
60 Hz)
60 dB
Overvoltage protection ±30 V between any two inputs
Differential input impedance 78 MΩ
Input current 50 nA
Input noise
High-resolution mode 200 nVrms
High-speed mode 7 μVrms
Gain error
High-resolution mode
at 25 °C 0.03% typical
at -40 °C to 70 °C 0.07% typical, 0.15% maximum
High-speed mode
at 25 °C 0.04% typical
at -40 °C to 70 °C 0.08% typical, 0.16% maximum
Offset error
High-resolution mode 4 μV typical, 6 μV maximum
High-speed mode 14 μV typical, 17 μV maximum
Offset error from source impedance Add 0.05 μV per Ω, when source impedance
>50 Ω

Backshell Kit
For signal wire strain relief, high-vibration environments, or protection from high voltages, use the NI 9940 backshell kit. Note that this kit is not compatible with the D-Sub version of the module.

D-Sub Accessories
The D-Sub version of the NI 9264 module was designed to accommodate standard 37-pin D-Sub components. NI offers a variety of cables and terminal blocks for this connector option. To eliminate the need for a breakout panel and conserve space, use the NI 9933 37-pin D-Sub connector block. This accessory kit comes with a D-Sub to screw-terminal converter as well as a protective shell to create a custom cable for your specific application.


Key Features
High-performance analog output signal generation for CompactRIO embedded system, R Series expansion chassis, or NI CompactDAQ

Screw terminals, strain relief, high-voltage, and cable options

NI CompactRIO Extreme Industrial Certifications and Ratings

Channel-to-earth ground double-isolation barrier for safety and noise immunity