NI 6115/6120 PCI-6115 DAQ system


– NI PCI-6115
– NI PXI-6115
– NI PCI-6120
– NI PXI-6120

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The ability to use PXI-compatible products with standard CompactPCI products is an important feature of PXI Specification Revision 2.0. If you use a PXI-compatible plug-in device in a standard CompactPCI chassis, you are unable to use PXI-specific functions, but you can still use the basic plug-in device functions. For example, the RTSI interface on the NI PXI-6115/6120 is available in a PXI chassis, but not in a CompactPCI chassis.


The CompactPCI specification permits vendors to develop sub-buses that coexist with the basic PCI interface on the CompactPCI bus. Compatible operation is not guaranteed between CompactPCI devices with different sub-buses nor between CompactPCI devices with sub-buses and PXI devices. The standard implementation for CompactPCI does not include these sub-buses.


The NI PXI-6115/6120 works in any standard CompactPCI chassis adhering to PICMG CompactPCI 2.0 R3.0. PXI-specific features are implemented on the J2 connector of the CompactPCI bus. Table 1-1 lists the J2 pins used by the NI PXI-6115/6120. The PXI device is compatible with any CompactPCI chassis with a sub-bus that does not drive these lines. Even if the sub-bus is capable of driving these lines, the PXI device is still compatible as long as those pins on the sub-bus are disabled by default and are never enabled.

NI-DAQ, which shipped with the NI 6115/6120, has an extensive library of functions that you can call from the ADE. These functions allow you to use all the features of the device. NI-DAQ carries out many of the complex interactions, such as programming interrupts, between the computer and the DAQ hardware. NI-DAQ maintains a consistent software interface among its different versions so that you can change platforms with minimal modifications to the code. Whether you are using LabVIEW, LabWindows™/CVI™, Measurement Studio, VI Logger, or other ADEs, your application uses NI-DAQ, as illustrated in Figure 1-1.


NI offers a variety of products to use with the NI 6115/6120, including cables, connector blocks, and other accessories, as follows:

• Shielded cables and cable assemblies

• Connector blocks, shielded 50- and 68-pin screw terminals

• RTSI bus cables (PCI only)

• Low channel-count signal conditioning modules, devices, and accessories, including conditioning for strain gauges, resistance temperature detectors, and relays.


The following section contains important safety information that you must follow when installing and using the product. Do not operate the product in a manner not specified in this document. Misuse of the product can result in a hazard. You can compromise the safety protection built into the product if the product is damaged in any way. If the product is damaged, return it to National Instruments for repair. Do not substitute parts or modify the product except as described in this document.


Use the product only with the chassis, modules, accessories, and cables specified in the installation instructions. You must have all covers and filler panels installed during operation of the product. Do not operate the product in an explosive atmosphere or where there may be flammable gases or fumes. If you must operate the product in such an environment, it must be in a suitably rated enclosure. If you need to clean the product, use a soft, nonmetallic brush. The product must be completely dry and free from contaminants before you return it to service.