MVI94-GSC-E FROSOFT Universal Serial Full Series Supply


Product: MVI94-GSC-E
Output frequency: standard kHz
System environment: stable
System capability: normal
Operating system: DCS/PLC system

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The MVI94-GSC module is unique in the way that the Flex backplane is utilized. Data is sent between the module and the Flex processor across the backplane using the module’s input and output images. The update frequency of the images is determined by the ladder logic scan rate and the backplane bus rate. Data received on the application port is placed in the module’s input image.

This data is processed by the ladder logic in the Flex processor. The input image for the module is set to 14 bytes. The processor inserts data in the module’s output image to be transferred to the module. The module’s program extracts the data and transmits the data out the communication port. The output image allowed for data to the module is set at 10 bytes.


General technical specifications for MVI94-GSC-E Modbus to Profinet gateway:
1. Power supply voltage: DC24V (± 5%)
2. Overall dimensions: 40mm (width), 110mm (height), 75mm (thickness)
3. Installation method: 35mm guide rail
4. Protection level: IP20
5. Working temperature: -20 ℃~+55 ℃, working relative humidity: 95% (no condensation)
6. Transportation temperature: -30 ℃~+70 ℃


As shown in the diagram above, all data transferred between the module and the processor over the backplane is through the input and output images. Ladder logic must be written in the Flex processor to interface the input and output image data with data defined in the processor. The user is responsible for handling and interpreting all data received on the application ports and transferred in the input image. Additionally, the user is responsible for constructing messages to be transferred out of the application ports by building the messages in the output image of the module.


Block ID Description
0 to 127 Normal data blocks for read and write
254 Warm boot module
255 Cold boot module
128 to 253 Reserved for future use


The receive buffer in the module is set to a size of 4096-bytes. This large size permits the buffering of a large amount of data before a transfer of the data to the controller is required. The ladder logic to use a buffer larger than 14-bytes is more complex. The module buffers the data in this buffer until one of the user specified termination conditions is recognized. The module will then transfer the received block of data to the controller. If the block of data received is larger than 14-bytes, multiple blocks will be used to transfer the data to the controller. The first block will contain a value of 255 in the Number of Characters Received data field (byte 1). This indicates that there will be more blocks to follow and that the current block contains 14-bytes of data. As long as more than 14-bytes are present in the buffer being sent to the controller, the length field will be set to a value of 255. When 14 or fewer bytes remain in the buffer, the module will send the last block with a positive number in the length field. The value passed represents the number of bytes present in the data area. The ladder logic must recognize the presence of the positive number and end the packet received.