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Product: MVI69E-MBS
Length: 4mm
Width: 1.2mm
Height: 1.7mm
Available for sale: nationwide

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MVI69E-MBS Product Features
Built in high-performance processor, high reliability, and strong anti-interference ability.
When overvoltage or undervoltage occurs on the line, the line is cut off, and the line voltage returns to normal. After a delay, the line is automatically reset and connected, without the need for manual operation.
The frequency is 50Hz/60Hz universal, and the product power consumption is not more than 2VA.
Electrical life: 10000 cycles.

Aperture installation.


The MVI69E-MBS module returns status data in the input image that can be used to determine the module’s operating status. This data is transferred from the module to the processor continuously as part of the normal data transfer block sequence (page 93). You can view this data in the MNETC.STATUS controller tag structure in the ladder logic. Client status data can also be requested and returned in a special Client Status block (page 104), outside of the normal data transfer block sequence. The status data contained in the Client Status block is different from the status data in the normal data transfer blocks. It can also be viewed in the MNETC.STATUS controller tag structure.


In database locations specified by Error/Status Pointers (optional).

If optional Error/Status Pointers are enabled, the status data can also be found in the Read Data area of the module’s database at the locations specified by the pointer configuration parameters. For more information, see Backplane Error/Status Pointer (page 38), Client Error/Status Pointer (page 41) and Command Error Pointe.


MVI69E-MBS Via the Configuration/Debug port.

Use a terminal program such as HyperTerminal. The Configuration/Debug port provides the following functionality: 

Full view of the module’s configuration data 

View of the module’s status data 

Complete display of the module’s internal database (registers 0 to 4999)  Version information 

Control over the module (warm boot, cold boot, transfer configuration) 

Facility to upload and download the module’s configuration file