MVI56E-MNET Modbus TCP/IP Client


Part Number: MVI56E-net/MNETXT Module
Part Description Modbus TCP/IP Interface Module

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MVI56E-MNET Parameter Value
Name Enter a module identification string. Example: MNET.
Description Enter a description for the module. Example: MODBUS
Comm Format Select DATA-INT.
Slot Enter the slot number in the rack where the MVI56E-MNET
module is located.
Input Assembly Instance 1
Input Size 250
Output Assembly Instance 2
Output Size 248
Configuration Assembly Instance 4
Configuration Size 0


Adjusting the Input and Output Array Sizes in PCB The module internal database is divided into two user-configurable areas:
• Read Data
• Write Data
The Read Data area is moved from the module to the processor, while the Write Data area is moved from the processor to the module. The MVI56E-MNET Add-On Instruction rung is configured for 600 registers of Read Data and 600 registers of Write Data, which is sufficient for most applications. However, you can configure the sizes of these data areas to meet the needs of your application.

1 In ProSoft Configuration Builder, expand the Module icon in the tree view and double-click MODULE to open an Edit window. Change the READ REGISTER COUNT to contain the number of words for your Read Data area. Important: Because the module pages data in blocks of 200 registers at a time, you should configure your user data areas in multiples of 200 registers.

2 To modify the WriteData array, follow the above steps, substituting WriteData for ReadData. 3 Save and download the configuration to the module (page 53) and reboot. Make sure that the ReadData and WriteData arrays do not overlap in the module memory. For example, if your application requires 2000 words of WriteData starting at register 0, then your Read Register Start parameter must be set to a value of 2000 or greater.


MVI56E-MNET Note: During startup and initialization, the MVI56E-MNET module receives its protocol and backplane configuration information from the installed Personality Module (Compact Flash). Use ProSoft Configuration Builder to configure module settings and to download changes to the Personality Module.

MVI56E-MNET Technical Specifications
Input load voltage transformer PT: ≤ 0.1VA
Current transformer CT: ≤ 0.2VA
Overload capacity voltage: can withstand 2 times the rated value (continuous) signal
Current: 10 times rated value (continuous) for 10s
Accuracy ± 0.2% RO
Response time<400ms
Output voltage DC0-5V, DC0-10V (load resistance=input voltage/DC10mA)
Output current DC0-20mA, DC4-20mA (load resistance=DC10V/output current)
Output ripple ≤ 0.5% RO
Working environment temperature and humidity 0-50 ℃/less than 95% relative humidity (non condensing state)
Storage environment temperature and humidity -20~70 ℃/less than 70% relative humidity (non condensing state)
Compressive strength AC2KVrms/min
Insulation impedance greater than 100M Ω at DC500V
Electromagnetic compatibility meets the application requirements of GB/T18268 industrial equipment (equivalent to IEC61326-1)
Power consumption is about 4VA