MVI56-ADM ControlLogixDP communication module


MVI56-ADM Description:
Backplane current load:
800 mA @ 5.1 VDC
3 mA @ 24 VDC
Working temperature: 32 ° F to 140 ° F (0 ° C to 60 ° C)

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MVI56-ADM Features and advantages
A powerful platform for developing and running “C” applications on the ControlLogix processor of Rockwell Automation. The MVI56-ADM module is a single slot, backplane compatible solution suitable for the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix platform. This module is a powerful programmable solution that supports two fully isolated serial ports, allowing for the integration of many serial field devices into the ControlLogix platform.
PRT1 and PRT2 are jumpers configured for direct or multi-point on-site communication. You can write applications to independently control two application ports, achieving maximum design flexibility.

application area
The MVI56-ADM module is an ideal solution for many applications that must add serial connections to the ControlLogix platform. Applications using the MVI56-ADM module include:
Barcode scanner interface
Legacy ASCII protocol connection
Terminal Port Simulation
Printer driver (alarm/status printer)
Customized protocol implementation

Single slot -1756 backplane compatible
This module is recognized as an input/output module and can access processor memory to transfer data between the processor and the module
Ladder logic is used for data transmission between modules and processors. Contains sample ladder files.
The configuration data obtained from the configuration text file downloaded to the module. Contains sample configuration files.
Local or remote rack.

development environment
Operating system: General software DOS 6-XL
Compatible compiler (16 bit DOS target)
Digital Mars C++V8.49 (included)
Borland C++V5.02
Application Programming Interface (API)
Serial Port API: Serial Port Functions
Backplane API: Low level Backplane Function
ADM API debugging port function: debugging port function, database function, timer function, advanced backplane transmission function, LED function, flash memory reading function

Performance and technical indicators
DC isolator accuracy ± 0.1%/25 ℃
Temperature coefficient ± 0.015%/℃
Response time ≤ 0.5s (0 → 90%)
The impact of power supply voltage variation ≤ 0.1%/allowable voltage range
Insulation resistance input output power supply: above 100M Ω/DC500V
Isolation strength between input output power ground: DC1000V · 1 minute; AC1000V · 1 minute
The impact of load resistance changes ± 0.1%/250 Ω
Power on stability time ≤ 3s
The ripple coefficient of the power supply is below 10% P-P, and it is about 2W at 50Hz (± 1)
Operating temperature range -5~+55 ℃
Operating humidity range 0-90% RH (non condensing)
Installation method DIN35mm standard guide rail installation
Boundary dimension 25.4 × one hundred and eight × 47mm (width * height * depth)
Weight approximately 200g