Lithium battery energy storage cabinet – backup power supply


Model level 100KW/215KWh
Energy storage capacity 215KWh
Energy storage configuration: 1 768V280AH lithium battery energy storage system
System voltage 768V
Working voltage range DC672V~DC876V (2.8V~3.65V)

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Lithium battery energy storage cabinet (BESS) BESS100kW-215kWh
The lithium battery system mainly consists of batteries, energy storage inverters (PCS), energy management systems (EMS), battery management systems (BMS), and other electrical equipment. Secondary BMS design, multiple monitoring of system status, and hierarchical linkage. Relays, fuses, circuit breakers, and BMS form a comprehensive protection system that integrates electrical safety and functional safety.

The integrated container energy storage system consists of a battery cluster, a bidirectional energy storage converter (PCS), a battery management system (BMS), and an energy management system(EMS), fire protection system, lighting system, dynamic and environmental control system, access control system, isolation transformer (optional), etc. Multiple monitoring and hierarchical linkage of system status form a comprehensive protection system that integrates electrical safety and functional safety. Container system, standardized and prefabricated design, reduces user customization time and construction costs, and reduces safety hazards caused by local installation differences and management risks. Meet the application needs of regional power grid peak shaving, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, emergency response, new energy consumption, and ensure the power system Normal operation of.


New energy storage system:







Application field:
Industrial and commercial demand management, peak shaving and valley filling
User side backup power supply
Peak shaving and frequency modulation of wind and solar energy storage
Microgrid system