KUC755AE117 3BHB005243R0117 Drive Unit Controller


KUC755AE117 3BHB005243R0117

Material: KUC755AE117 3BHB005243R0117
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Additional information: KUC755AE117 3BHB005243R0117 Drive Unit Controller

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KUC755AE117 3BHB005243R0117


KUC755AE117 3BHB005243R0117 Features:
Can select output voltage in detail: can be selected in the range of 1.0~3.5V, with 0.05V as the advanced unit
Equivalent series resistance capacitors that can be used: Input and output capacitors can use ceramic drop containers of 0.1uF or higher
Input voltage: 1.5~5.5V
High output voltage accuracy: ± 1.0% accuracy
Small input voltage difference: 170mV typical value (2.8V output product, Lout=100mA)
Low current consumption: During operation: 0.9uA typical value, 1.35uA maximum value
During sleep: 0.1uA typical value, 1.0uA maximum value
Output current: Can output 200mA (3.0V output product, when Vin=4V)
Built in overcurrent protection circuit: limit the overload current of the output transistor
Built in people’s shutdown circuit: to prevent damage to the product caused by heating
Designated power on/off control circuit: can extend the service life of the battery
Optional discharge branching function
Optional pull-down constant current



The Synchronous Machine Transient Simulator – Real Time (SMTS-RT 6000) is a sophisticated hardware-in-the-loop simulator designed to emulate the behavior of a generator/motor, its associated turbine/load, and the grid. Here’s an overview of its features and benefits:

1. Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation:

  • The simulator replicates the dynamic behavior of a generator/motor, turbine/load, and the grid.
  • It is connected to the excitation system for closed-loop tests to analyze both steady-state and transient behavior.

2. Reduced Testing Time and Costs:

  • SMTS-RT 6000 reduces testing time for machines, thereby saving costs associated with conventional testing methods.
  • It serves as an ideal training tool for maintenance and operation personnel.

3. Commissioning Efficiency:

  • Commissioning time can be further minimized by tuning control parameter sets in advance using the simulator in conjunction with a UNITROL® 6000 control device.

4. Grid Code Compliance:

  • The UNITROL® 6000 control functionality is designed to support any grid code requirements.
  • The excitation control terminal (ECT) features extensive testing functions and powerful data recorders for testing, tuning, and verifying the performance of control, stabilizer, and limiter functions.

5. System Frequency Response Analysis:

  • The built-in white noise generator facilitates quick and accurate analysis of system frequency response, enabling compliance testing in minimal time.

6. Data Management and Integration:

  • Data records are stored in the ECT’s dedicated memory and can be easily copied and integrated into electronic documents for documentation purposes.

7. Simulation of Critical Conditions:

  • In combination with the SMTS-RT 6000, it becomes possible to simulate the most critical plant or grid conditions, which may be unsafe or impractical to test within the real system.

Overall, the SMTS-RT 6000 offers a comprehensive solution for testing, commissioning, and compliance verification of excitation systems, enhancing efficiency, safety, and reliability in power generation applications.


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