GE IS200EXAMG1B exciter attenuation module

Product name:GE IS200EXAMG1B exciter attenuation module

Product model: IS200EXAMG1B

Quantity: inventory

Part No./PN: IS200EXAMG1B

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GE General Electric Technical Specifications: IS200EXAMG1B

  • Workflow activities are directly executed by the workflow IS200EXAMG1B engine and do not require the extra

communication overhead of a service method call.

  • Custom activities appear directly in the activity toolbox.
  • Custom types that are returned by custom activities can be used by other activities by binding to

properties on those objects.


  • Writing a set of custom activities is more complex IS200EXAMG1B than writing a custom service.
  • The reusability of custom activities is limited because they can only be executed by workflows.

They cannot, for example, be used by a form created with the display editor.

  • The workflow debugger does not support custom types that are returned from activities.
  • A workflow instance waits for an activity’s Execute method to complete before executing other

activities in the workflow instance, even in parallel branches. Therefore, care must be taken to

spend a minimal amount of time in the Execute method. Note that the currently executing activity

in one workflow instance will not block the execution of other workflow instances.


brand Product Name Product model Order No
GE Fanuc Module card IS200EXAMG1B nothing
Place of Origin Marketable land Imported or not defects liability period
Europe and America Nationwide and overseas yes a year
Place of shipment Delivery method How to use Applicable industries
Xiamen Shunfeng Express Commissioning and installation Power Plant Steel Plant Cement Plant Shipboard Papermaking
Service advantages Foreign import, goods preparation and supply Reasonable price and reliable quality Pictures are for reference only
Product features Primary source of goods, supply by model After sales guarantee Chen 1810693-7731


If an assembly is registered with Workflow in the ActivityExtensions.dllfile, all of its contained

namespaces and types will be available to the Code activity. This means that a .NET library can be directly

called by the Code activity just by registering it in the ActivityExtensions.dllfile, even if it does not

contain any custom activities.


  • This approach does not require any additional coding.
  • Code activities are executed asynchronously and will not block the workflow instance from running

activities in parallel branches.


  • If the library is exposed this way, it can only be IS200EXAMG1B used by workflow; it cannot be used by the Display

Editor or other applications that leverage the application server.

  • Custom types that are returned by code activities can only use parameters of type Object. This

means that other activities cannot bind to the properties of those returned objects. As such, all

processing of these custom types is limited to code activities.

  • The workflow debugger does not debug the contents of code activities.

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