FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Swedish module


FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001

Material: FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001
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Additional information: FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Swedish module

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FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Swedish module


FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Parameters:
Appearance dimensions: 40mm * 110mm * 74mm
Protection level: IP20;
Power supply: 10-30VDC, 200mA;
Working environment temperature: -20~65 ℃;
Relative humidity ≤ 90% (non condensing);
Installation and product dimensions: 35mm guide rail;


FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Installation in Switchgear:

Modular Design:

  • Circuit-breakers in the SACE Emax series adhere to modular design criteria.
  • All sizes have the same depth and height, simplifying installation and integration in low voltage electrical switchgear.
  • Front shield of the circuit-breaker is identical throughout the series.
  • Simplifies construction of switchgear doors, requiring only one type of drilling.
  • Helps meet segregation requirements of IEC 60439-1 Standards.

FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Degrees of Protection:

  • IP20: Achieved for fixed or withdrawable circuit-breakers, excluding terminals.
  • IP30: Front parts of the circuit-breakers (using a flange).
  • IP54: Available with transparent protective cover (on request), segregating the front of the circuit-breaker.

FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Continuous Current Carrying Capacity:

  • Refer to the table provided for continuous current carrying capacity based on switchgear dimensions and installation conditions.
  • Values are for withdrawable version circuit-breakers in non-segregated switchgear with a degree of protection up to IP31.

Current-Limiting Capacity:

  • Indicates the circuit-breaker’s capacity under short-circuit conditions to limit current.
  • Represented by curves indicating the specific energy “I2t” and the peak value of the limited current compared to the uninterrupted symmetrical short-circuit current.

FM9925A-E HIEE451116R0001 Note:

  • Tables should be used as a guideline for selecting products.
  • The solution used must always be verified due to the variety of switchgear construction shapes and conditions.

The SACE Emax series offers standardized, modular, and protective features, ensuring ease of installation, integration, and compliance with safety standards in various switchgear environments.


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