Emerson MVME61006E-0163 VME bus board


Product name:Emerson MVME61006E-0163 VME bus board

Product model: MVME61006E-0163


The MVME61006E-0163 has a 32/64-bit, 33/66MHz PCI connection to support PCI expansion carriers such as the Emerson PMCspan.

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The MVME6100 series from Emerson Network Power is the first VMEbus singleboard computer (SBC) designed with the Tundra Tsi148 VMEbus interface chip offering two edge source synchronous transfer (2eSST) VMEbus performance.


The 2eSST protocol enables the VMEbus to run at a practical bandwidth of 320MB/s in most cases. The MVME6100 is designed to meet the needs of OEMs servicing the defense and aerospace, industrial automation and medical imaging market segments.


The MVME6100 series provides more than just faster VMEbus transfer rates; it provides balanced performance from the processor, memory subsystem, local buses and I/O subsystems. Customers looking for a technology refresh for their application, while maintaining backwards compatibility with their existing VMEbus infrastructure, can upgrade to the MVME6100 series and take advantage of its enhanced performance features.


The promise of the VME Renaissance is innovation, performance and investment protection. The MVME6100 series from Emerson delivers on this promise. The innovative design of the MVME6100 provides a high performance platform that allows customers to leverage their investment in their VME infrastructure. The MVME6100 series supports booting a variety of operating systems including a complete range of real-time operating systems and kernels. A VxWorks board support package and Linux support are available for the MVME6100 series.



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The 2eSST protocol has existed for some time (the draft standard for trial use was published in 1999 and released as an ANSI standard in 2003), but until now, 2eSST boards would not work in a standard VMEbus backplane because the existing VMEbus transceivers could not support the required VMEbus 2eSST signaling speeds.


Texas Instruments developed new VMEbus transceivers that support the VMEbus signal switching speeds required by the 2eSST protocol. The combination of the new Texas Instruments VMEbus transceivers and the Tsi148 VMEbus legacy protocol support allows customers to integrate the MVME6100 series into their existing infrastructure providing backward compatibility and thereby preserving their investment in existing VMEbus boards, backplanes, chassis and software.