Emerson 1B30035H01 slot backplane Westinghouse

Product name:Emerson 1B30035H01 slot backplane Westinghouse

Product model:1B30035H01

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1B30035H01 Every Ovation module contains diagnostic LEDs. These are used to indicate the

status of the module and to alert you to any module problems.

All I/O modules contain the following LEDs:

P = (Green) Power OK LED is lit when the power supply to the module is good.

C = (Green) Communications OK LED is lit when 1B30035H01 the Controller is communicating

with the module, and when the communication watchdog timer is not timed out.

E = (Red) Optional External Error LED is lit when there is a problem external to

the module, such as a blown common auxiliary power supply fuse.


brand Product Name Product model Order No
EMERSON modular 1B30035H01 nothing
Place of Origin Marketable land Imported or not defects liability period
Europe and America Nationwide and overseas yes a year
Place of shipment Delivery method How to use Applicable industries
Xiamen Shunfeng Express Commissioning and installation Power Plant Steel Plant Cement Plant Shipboard Papermaking
Service advantages Foreign import, goods preparation and supply Reasonable price and reliable quality Pictures are for reference only
Product features Primary source of goods, supply by model After sales guarantee Chen 1810693-7731


When two dissimilar metals (a thermocouple) are joined together, a voltage (the

Seebeck Voltage) is generated between them. This voltage is directly related to the

temperature at the junction of the two metals. 1B30035H01 The relationship between the voltage

and the temperature can be best described by a fififth order polynomial, determined

by the two types of metals that are joined.

To measure the voltage (Vt) between the two metals, a voltmeter (in this case, an

analog input card) must be connected to each wire (see Figure 4-5). Unfortunately,

this produces two new junctions and voltages (V1 and V2) between the terminals

and the thermocouples. The following formula is used to fifind Vt: Vt = Vm -V1 -V2.

It is not possible to measure V1 and V2 without inducing more junctions and

voltages; therefore, the analog input subsystem 1B30035H01 has a temperature sensor on the

Personality module (1C31116G04) to measure the temperature (Tj) at the terminal

block of the base unit.

A conversion formula, determined from the junction metal and thermocouple

metals, is used to calculate the combined voltage of V1 and V2. This is called Cold

Junction Compensation.

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