ABB EL3020+CEMS flue gas analyzer



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ABB EL3020+CEMS flue gas analyzer


Gas analyzers are vital tools used in various industries to measure different gas components within a process or environment. Here’s an overview of the available analyzers, integral gas feed options, electrical interfaces, and housing design:

Analyzers Available for Selection:

  1. Uras26 Infrared Photometer:
    • Measures infrared-active gas components like CO, NO, SO2.
  2. Magnos206 Oxygen Analyzer:
    • Specifically for measuring O2 levels in process gas or in N2 environments.
  3. Caldos27 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer:
    • Measures binary gas mixtures with different thermal conductivity, such as Ar in O2, H2 in Ar, CH4 in N2.
  4. Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor:
    • Measures O2 levels. Note: Can only be used in combination with the Uras26 infrared photometer.

Integral Gas Feed:

Two versions available:

  1. Includes micro-filter and flow sensor modules.
  2. Includes micro-filter, solenoid valve, pump, coarse filter, capillary tube, and flow sensor modules.

Electrical Interfaces:

  • Integrated Ethernet-10/100BASE-T Interface: For service, configuration, and communication with external systems.
  • Analog Output Module: Provides 2 analog outputs.
  • Digital I/O Module: Offers 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.
  • Modbus Module: Equipped with RS485 and RS232 interfaces for communication.

Housing Design:

  • EL3020 Gas Analyzer Model: Designed as a 19-inch housing with 3 height units.
  • Degree of Protection: IP20.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Performance characteristics conform to international standard IEC 1207-1:1994 “Expression of performance of gas analyzers.”
  • Based on N2 as the associated gas.
  • Compliance with these characteristics when measuring other gas mixtures can only be assured if their composition is known.

This comprehensive system offers a range of analyzers, integral gas feed options, electrical interfaces, and robust housing design to meet various industrial gas analysis needs while adhering to international standards for performance evaluation.


Measurement Principle:

  • Non-dispersive Infrared Absorption (NDIR):
    • Utilizes infrared light in the wavelength range of λ = 2.5–8 µm.
    • Measures absorption of specific gas components.
  • Photometer Configuration:
    • Can measure up to 4 components.
    • Utilizes 1 or 2 beam paths.
    • Each beam path can have 1 or 2 receivers.
    • Measurement can occur in a single gas path or two separate gas paths.

Sample Components and Measurement Ranges:

  • CO (Carbon Monoxide): 0–100 ppm
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): 0–100 ppm
  • NO (Nitric Oxide): 0–150 ppm
  • SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide): 0–100 ppm
  • N2O (Nitrous Oxide): 0–100 ppm
  • CH4 (Methane): 0–100 ppm

Measurement Range Limits:

  • Ranges:
    • 0–500 (NO: 750) / 1000 / 3000 ppm
    • 0–1 / 3 / 10 / 30 / 100 Vol.-%
  • Ranges are freely adjustable within a maximum range ratio of 1:5.
  • Factory settings can be adjusted upon request.
  • Measurement ranges should avoid settings within ignition limits for safety.

This analyzer employs NDIR technology across a specific wavelength range to measure gas components accurately. It offers flexibility in configuration and measurement ranges while adhering to safety standards.



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