EASYGEN-3500-5 P2 8440-2145 servo control panel


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Use the following two methods to adjust the contrast/brightness in the field.
1. Navigate to “Parameters”>”Configuration Display”. On this screen, with the help of the+and – buttons, the contrast and brightness can be adjusted to the desired level.
2. Press the STOP button for approximately 10 seconds. This operation restores the default display settings for brightness and contrast.
Note: This method can only be used when the generator set has stopped.

The cyclic scanning execution process of PLC user programs can be divided into three stages: input sampling, program execution, and output refresh.

1. Input sampling stage
In the input sampling stage, the PLC reads the input signal status (ON/OFF status) of all input terminals into the input image register in a scanning manner, which is called sampling of the input signal. Then move on to the program execution phase, during which even if the input state changes, the content of the input image register will not change. The change in input state can only be re read in the input sampling stage of the next work cycle.

2. Program execution phase
During the program execution phase, the PLC scans the program sequentially. If the program is represented by a ladder diagram, it always scans in the order of top to bottom and left to right. The input state or other element state required for each instruction scanned is read in from the input image register or output image register, followed by corresponding logical or arithmetic operations. The operation results are then stored in a dedicated register. If the program outputs instructions, the corresponding operation results are stored in the output image register.

3. Output refresh stage
After all instructions are executed, the state in the output image register is the desired output state. In the output refresh stage, it is transferred to the output latch circuit, and then the output terminal outputs a signal to drive the user’s output device, which is the actual output of the PLC. The PLC repeatedly executes the above three stages, with each repetition forming a work cycle (also known as a scanning cycle). The length of the work cycle is related to the length of the program.

Due to the time constant of the input/output module filter, the mechanical hysteresis of the output relay, and the execution of the program according to the working cycle, there may be a hysteresis phenomenon in the input/output response. This hysteresis phenomenon is allowed for general industrial control equipment. However, some devices require fast response to certain signals, so some PLCs use high-speed response input/output modules, while others divide sequential programs into two categories: high-level programs with fast response and low-level programs with general response speed. As stipulated by FANUC-BESKPLC, the high-level program is scanned every 8ms, while the low-level program is automatically divided into segments. When starting to execute the program, the high-level sequential program is executed first, followed by segment 1 of the low-level program. Then, the high-level program is executed, followed by segment 2 of the low-level program. This way, every segment of the low-level program is executed, the high-level program needs to be rescanned and executed again, To ensure the fast response of signals in advanced programs.


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