5453-759 WOODWARD slot chassis


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Steps for component replacement system
Replacing the frame
1. Cut off the AC power supply; If equipped with a programmer, unplug the programmer.
2. Remove the plastic cover from the wiring terminal board at the right end of the frame and remove the power wiring.
3. Unplug all I/O modules. If there were multiple working circuits during installation, do not mess up the IU/O wiring and note the position of each module in the frame, so as not to make mistakes when reinstalling.
4. If the CPU framework is used, remove the CPU components and filler modules. Place it in a safe place for future reinstallation.
5. Remove the screws securing the bottom two frames and loosen the upper two screws, but do not remove them.
6. Move the frame up a bit, then pull it down and place it next to you.
7. Insert the new frame onto the top screws,
8. Install the bottom screws and tighten all four screws.
9. Insert the I/O module in the same position as when removing it.
If the module is inserted in the wrong position, it will cause dangerous or incorrect operation of the control system, but it will not damage the module.
10. Insert the removed CPU and filler module.
11. Reconnect the power wiring to the wiring terminal on the right side of the frame, and then cover the plastic cover of the power wiring terminal.
12. Check if the power wiring is correct, and then turn on the power again. Carefully check the operation of the entire control system to ensure that all I/O modules are located correctly and the program has not changed.

Replacement of CPU module
1. Cut off the power supply, and if a programmer is inserted, unplug it.
2. Squeeze the upper and lower fasteners of the CPU module panel towards the middle to release them from the tabs.
3. Pull the mold out of the slot vertically.
4. If there is EPROM memory installed on the CPU, unplug the EPROM and install it on a new CPU.
5. Firstly, align the printed circuit board with the bottom guide slot. Insert the new CPU module into the bottom guide slot.
6. Gently shake the CPU module to align it with the top guide slot.
7. Insert the CPU module into the frame until the two elastic locks snap into the slots.
8. Plug in the programmer again and power it on.
9. After initializing the system programming, reload the program recorded on the tape. Check the operation of the entire system.

Replacement of I/O modules
1. Cut off power to the frame and I/O system.
2. Remove the plastic cover on the I/O module wiring terminal. Remove the field wiring of the faulty module.
3. Remove the field wiring from the I/O terminal or remove the detachable wiring socket, depending on the type of module. Label each wire or mark the installation connection for future reconnection.
4. Squeeze the upper and lower elastic locks of the I/O module towards the middle to release them from the bayonet.
5. Pull the I/O module vertically upwards