Agilent HP E1313A, E1313A Opt 001, E1413A/B, E1413C Converter Module


Manufacturer: Agilent
Part Number: E1413C
Product type: E1413C converter
Weight: 2 kilograms
Related models: E1313A、E1413A/B、E1413C、E1413

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Agilent HP E1313A, E1313A Opt 001, E1413A/B, E1413C Converter Module

Agilent HP E1313A, E1313A Opt 001, E1413A/B, E1413C Converter Module


The HP E1413C Scanning A/D is a Safety Class I instrument that is provided with a protective earth terminal when installed in the mainframe. Check the mainframe and all related documentation for safety markings and instructions before operating or servicing a Scanning A/D. See the WARNINGS on page 4 for a summary of safety information. Safety information to test and service the HP E1413C Scanning A/D follows and is also found throughout this manual.

declares, that the product:
Product Name: 32 Channel Scanning A/D, 64 Channel Scanning A/D
Model Number: HP E1313A, E1313A Opt 001, E1413A/B, E1413C



IEC 1010-1 (1990) Incl. Amend 1 (1992)/EN61010-1 (1993)
CSA C22.2 #1010.1 (1992)
UL 3111-1 (1994)


CISPR 11:1990/EN55011 (1991): Group1 Class A
IEC 801-2:1991/EN50082-1 (1992): 4kVCD, 8kVAD
IEC 801-3:1984/EN50082-1 (1992): 3 V/m
IEC 801-4:1988/EN50082-1 (1992): 1kV Power Line.5kV Signal Lines


Test Conditions/ Procedures

See Table 1-4 for test equipment requirements. You should complete the performance verification tests on a periodic basis, as required. For best results, the test environment temperature should be 23o C ± 1oC. The verification tests assume that the person performing the tests understands how to operate the mainframe, the Scanning A/D, and specified test equipment. The test procedures do not specify equipment settings for test equipment, except in general terms. It is assumed a qualified, service-trained technician will select and connect any cables, adapters, and probes required for the test.



This test checks the HP E1413C “Open Transducer Detection (OTD)” capability. To do this test, an input short is applied and the channel voltage is measured. Then, the input is opened and the channel voltage is again measured. The short should return.


Test 2-9: DCV Accuracy – E1508A
Test 2-10: DCV Accuracy – E1509A