Delta tau ACC-24E2A Axis Expansion Board


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Product type: ACC-24E2A Axis Expansion Board
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Delta tau ACC-24E2A Axis Expansion Board


Title: Overview of ACC-24E2A Axis Expansion Board and ISOMETER® IRDH375 Insulation Monitoring Device

Introduction: The ACC-24E2A and ISOMETER® IRDH375 are essential components in industrial systems, providing advanced functionalities for motion control and insulation monitoring, respectively. This article presents a comprehensive understanding of these devices, their features, and functions.

Section 1: ACC-24E2A Axis Expansion Board

1.1 Overview: The ACC-24E2A is an axis expansion board designed for UMAC and Ultralite/MACRO Station controllers. It supports 2 or 4 channels of PMAC2-style servo interface circuitry and is part of the UMAC or MACRO Pack family of expansion cards.

1.2 Compatibility and Expansion:

  • The board can be integrated into an industrial 3U rack system, supporting up to eight ACC-24E2A boards connected to one UMAC.
  • The 16-Axes MACRO CPU can accommodate four ACC-24E2x cards, while the 8-Axes MACRO CPU supports 2 ACC-24E2x cards.

1.3 Architecture:

  • The ACC-24E2x board contains a highly integrated 4-channel PMAC2-style Servo IC with buffering circuitry and connectors.
  • Option 1 card can be added for two additional axes, utilizing a total of two slots.

1.4 New Features:

  • Recent additions include a loss of encoder circuit, 5V to 24V Flag inputs, and pulse and direction outputs for stepper systems or MLDTs.

1.5 Interface Support:

  • The ACC-24E2A board can interface with any UMAC or MACRO Station CPU through the expansion port.
  • Supports various servo and stepper interfaces, including analog velocity and torque commands, sinusoidal analog phase current commands, and pulse-and-direction commands.

Section 2: ISOMETER® IRDH375 Insulation Monitoring Device

2.1 Application: The ISOMETER® IRDH375 monitors insulation in unearthed systems (IT systems) by connecting to the protective conductor (PE).

2.2 Functionality:

  • Response values and parameters are set via function keys and stored in nonvolatile memory (EEPROM).
  • A microprocessor-controlled pulsating AC measuring voltage is applied to the IT system, determining insulation resistance based on measured current values.

2.3 Alarm System:

  • If insulation falls below set response values, alarm relays respond, LEDs light up, and the fault is displayed on the LC display.
  • Fault indication can be stored and reset manually or through external controls.

2.4 External Display:

  • Connections for external kΩ display are galvanically isolated, providing flexibility for current output.

2.5 Self Test:

  • Manual or automatic self tests ensure high functional reliability.
  • The self-test function checks internal measuring functions, components, and connections, with results displayed on the LC display.
  • Automatic retesting occurs in case of device or connection faults until the issue is resolved.


Conclusion: The ACC-24E2A Axis Expansion Board and ISOMETER® IRDH375 Insulation Monitoring Device offer advanced functionalities crucial for industrial systems, providing precise control and ensuring the safety of electrical installations. Understanding their features and applications is essential for efficient system integration and maintenance.