ABB SDCS-COM-81 3ADT314900R1002 Communication Controller Sweden


SDCS-CON-1 board is to
replace by SDCS-CON-4
including SDCS-COM-81,
SDCS-DSL-4 and panel

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Installation of the CI810B communication interface requires small modifications in the overriding control system e.g. AC450. Furthermore the removal of the APC controller requires adaption of the existing APC software program either into the overriding system or into the drive via DriveAP or CoDeSys. Availability of the right software tools and programming skills are to ensure.


The MACS system provides users with a universal system configuration and operation control platform. The application system needs to be generated through engineer station software configuration, which combines the modular functional units provided by the general system according to a certain logic to form an application system that can meet specific requirements. After system configuration, the application system database, control calculation program, historical database, monitoring flowchart, and various production management reports will be generated. Nanjing Ruipai Instrument brings you a brief understanding of the system configuration process. The specific steps are as follows:

(1) Preliminary preparation work. Before entering the system configuration, it is necessary to first determine the list of measurement points, control calculation scheme, system hardware configuration, including the scale of the system, the configuration of IO units at each station, and the allocation of measurement points. It is also necessary to propose design requirements for flow charts, reports, historical databases, retrospective libraries, etc.

(2) Establish the target project. Before formally configuring the application project, a project name must be defined for the application project. After the target process is established, a data directory for the project is established.

(3) System configuration equipment. The hardware configuration of the application system is completed through the system configuration software. By using graphical methods, each device connected to the system network corresponds to a basic graphic. Before configuring system equipment, corresponding projects must be created in the database master control.

(4) Database configuration. Database configuration refers to defining and editing the point information of each station in the system, which is the foundation for forming the entire application system. There are two types of points in the MACS system. One type is the actual physical measurement point, which exists in the on-site control station and communication station. The points contain information such as measurement point type, physical address, signal processing, and display mode; One type is virtual measurement points, which differ from actual physical measurement points only in the absence of information related to physical location and can be used in control algorithm configuration and graphic configuration.

(5) Control algorithm configuration. After completing the database configuration, control algorithm configuration can be carried out. The DCS system provides five tools that comply with the IEC1131-3 standard: SFC, ST, FBD, LD, and FM.

(6) Configuration of graphics and reports. The graphic configuration includes background image definition and dynamic point definition, where dynamic points dynamically display real-time values or historical changes, thus requiring dynamic points to correspond to defined points. By connecting graphic files to the system, the display and switching of graphics can be achieved.

(7) Compile and generate. The system linkage function is connected to form a system library, which becomes the foundation for online software operation on the operator station and on-site control station. The system consists of two parts: a real-time library and a parameter library. The system places all data items that change at points in the real-time library, while the data items that do not change frequently at all points are placed in the parameter library. The server contains all database information, while the on-site control station only contains the relevant point and solution page information of the station. This is automatically completed by the download function in system management after system generation.

(8) System installation. After the application system is generated, the system library, graphics, and report files of the application system are installed on the server and operating system through the network.

SDCS-PIN-51A 3BSE004940R1
SDCS-POW-1 3ADT22090R0003