ABB PFTL101A 1.0KN 3BSE004166R1 pressure conductor sensor pillow block

Product name: ABB PFTL101A 1.0KN 3BSE004166R1 pressure conductor sensor pillow block

Product model: PFTL101A 1.0KN

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PFTL101A Connectivity

PFTL101A The Safeguard system can be connected to virtually any control system on the market, and may

use the same network to freely communicate with process, operator and engineering stations if

so desired. This, in some cases, allows full integration of operator presentation, alarm handling,

maintenance and information exchange between process control and safety applications.

Safeguard can easily be connected to:

  • ABBs control systems w/ Master Software
  • ABBs control systems w/ MOD Software
  • ABB Bailey Products
  • Former Alfa-Laval Automation Products
  • Other DCS-vendors Products

Safeguard supports restricted access PFTL101A functions, offering password protection for safety

application programs, key-lock restrictions for user-specified operator functions, and restricted

access to database information.

Engineering efficiency

Reduced engineering time, increased efficiency and enhanced integrity of safety application

programming are just three of the advantages of AdvaBuild, a series of engineering tools

especially developed by ABB.

Safeguard 400 Series includes a highly versatile PFTL101A cause and effect schematic based configuration

tool called Safety Builder. This configuration tool significantly reduces the time used and

potential errors involved in converting the industry standard documentation to logic program

representation and thereby increases the quality.

Safeguard 400 Series design criteria

Safeguard 400 Series is certified by TÜV Product Service (refer to Section 1.6, Certification)

according to Requirement Class 1-6, and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 1-3 as defined in DIN V

VDE 0801, DIN V 19250 and IEC 61508. Safeguard 400 Series is also designed according to

relevant chapters of DIN VDE 0116 and EN 298, which PFTL101A relates to burner management systems,

and EN 54, which relates to Fire and Gas Protection.

1.3 Safeguard design concept

The Safeguard 400 Series is a system based on Refined Duplex Architecture (RDA). The

architecture utilizes a refined version of the standard Advant Controller 410 from the Advant

OCS product platform. The idea of offering a safety system with high safety integrity combined

with a generic ability to be easily integrated into modern control systems, is a core strategy in

ABB safety system product development.


The Safeguard 400 Series complies with the design standard 1oo2D (one out of two) and 1oo1D

(one out of one), two of the designated architectures for safety systems defined by the IEC

61508, the international standard for functional safety. One main property of this architecture is

to detect and localize potential failures by means of active self-testing.

For the 1oo2D it combines the safety factor of the 1oo2 architecture with the availability factor

of the 2oo2 architecture. When comparing different generic control structures, the potential

advantage of this architecture regarding safety/availability trade-off can be proved.

For the 1oo1D it combines the safety factor of PFTL101A the 1oo2 architecture for the safety outputs with

the availability factor of the 1oo1 architecture for the system. This gives a system with a

comparable safety to the 1oo2D system.

The main difference between a 1oo2D system and a 1oo1D system:

  • 1oo2D has two independent controller branches for processing and diagnostics of the


  • 1oo1D has one controller branch for processing and diagnostics of the signals.

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