PFEA113-65 tension electronic device 3BSE028144R0065/3BSE050092R65


Material number:PFEA113-65 3BSE028144R0065
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PFEA113-65 tension electronic device 3BSE028144R0065/3BSE050092R65

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PFEA113-65 tension electronic device 3BSE028144R0065/3BSE050092R65

PFEA113-65 tension electronic device 3BSE028144R0065/3BSE050092R65


The information provided includes the connectors on the PFEA113 unit and details about its operation:

Connectors on the PFEA113 (Figure 2-11)

  • X1:1-X1:4: Supply connections for 24 V (X1:1-X1:2) and 0V (X1:3-X1:4).
  • X2:1-X2:8: Connectors for wiring to the load cell excitation circuits.
  • X3:1-X3:16: Connectors with signals from load cells. AI1 and AI2 are on X3:9-X3:12. DI1 is on X3:13-X3:14. Synchronization Signal Input is on X3:15-X3:16.
  • X4:1-X4:16: Analog outputs.
  • X5:1-X5:4: Digital outputs.
  • X6:1-X6:4: Digital output supply (1) and three 0V.
  • X7: PROFIBUS D-Sub connector.
  • X8: RS232 Connector.

Truth Table for PXKB 201 (Table 2-4)

  • Input signal to A1(+) and A2(-):
    • Digital input low (0 V): Connection between 11 and 12.
    • Digital input high (24 V): Connection between 11 and 14.

Maximum Load / Present Offset

  • For each load cell connected to the PFEA113, a maximum load memory stores the highest load applied to the load cell. This memory can be reset if a load cell is replaced.
  • The maximum load consists of load cell zero signal, FRT (applied force component of tare), and FR (measured force).
  • Reset functions are available for each load cell (Reset A, Reset B, Reset C, Reset D).

Simulation Function

  • Simulation can be set to ON or OFF.
  • When ON, it replaces the measured value from the load cells. Default values are provided.
  • Zero set cannot be used when simulation is activated.
  • The red status LED indicates simulation mode, and the message “Simulation” is displayed. Pressing “ok” moves the message to the bottom of the Operator menu.
  • SetFactory Default sets the simulation to OFF.

This information provides a comprehensive overview of the connectors, truth table, maximum load handling, and simulation functionality of the PFEA113 tension electronics unit.



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