ABB 3BSE050090R20 PFEA111-20 Tension Electronic Grounding Connector


Material number:PFEA111-20 3BSE050090R20
Product brand: ABB

The metal bottom of PFEA111-20 and PFEA112-20 connects to the metallic DIN-rail which
serves as the Tension Electronics earth connector

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It seems like you’ve provided a detailed excerpt from a user manual for tension electronics equipment, specifically the PFEA111/112 models. This excerpt outlines the procedures for ensuring proper grounding, mounting the cabinets to the floor, setting language and unit preferences, and adjusting web width settings.

For grounding, it’s crucial to connect the metal bottom of the PFEA111-20 and PFEA112-20 to the metallic DIN-rail to ensure a good earth connection for internal logic and EMI immunity. The DIN-rail should be chromium plated for corrosion resistance, and star washers should be used with each screw to fasten it to the mounting plate. Additionally, proper earthing involves twisting individual pairs of power and signal conductors, connecting the external protective earth cable to the earthbar screw clamps, and ensuring all cable screens are connected to the earthbar with a screen connection length of less than 50 mm.

When mounting cabinets to the floor, it’s advised to use four or six M12 screws, placing one at each corner for the first left-hand cabinet and two screws each for the following cabinets at the right-hand side. The bottom angle hinges feature holes for adjusting the cabinet location after drilling holes in the floor. Washers should be used between the floor and the cabinet bottom to level the cabinet floor horizontally.

Regarding settings, users can choose from different languages and units such as Newton, kiloNewton, kilograms, pounds, Newton/meter, kiloNewton/meter, kilograms/meter, and pounds per linear inch (pli). If units like N/m, kN/m, kg/m, or pli are selected, the web width needs to be set accordingly, with the default web width being 2 meters or 78,740 inches.

The format for setting the web width is XX.XXX for meters and XXXX.XX for inches, with a maximum web width of 50 meters or 1968.5 inches.



The excerpt you provided details the maximum load and present offset functionalities for each load cell connected to the web tension electronics PFEA111/112.

  1. Maximum Load Memory: Each load cell has a maximum load memory that stores the highest load applied to the load cell. This memory has a range of ±6.5 times the nominal force (Fnom) of the load cell. The maximum load comprises three components:
    • Load cell zero signal (with no load on the load cell).
    • FRT, the applied force component of tare in the measuring direction of the load cell.
    • FR, the measured force (force component of tension in the measuring direction of the load cell). The maximum load memory can be reset when a load cell is replaced.
  2. Reset A/B: This function allows resetting the maximum load memory for each load cell:
    • Reset A sets “MaximumLoad A” to zero.
    • Reset B sets “MaximumLoad B” to zero.
  3. Simulation Function: Simulation can be toggled ON or OFF. When simulation is activated:
    • Parameters PercentOfFnomA and PercentOfFnomB will be displayed, with PercentOfFnomB only shown if Single side A is selected in ObjectType, and vice versa.
    • PercentOfFnom can be set between -100 and +200 in steps of one. A value of +100 indicates that the value is the same as the load cell loaded to Fnom.
    • Zero set cannot be used when simulation is activated.
    • The red status LED is lit, and the display shows the message “Simulation.” Pressing “ok” moves the message to the bottom of the Operator menu, similar to failure and warning messages.
    • SetFactory Default sets the simulation to OFF. When simulation is ON, the default values are PercentOfFnomA = 55% and PercentOfFnomB = 45%.


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