PFCL201CD 10.0KN 3BSE029774R10 connecting cable equipped with Cannon connector


Material number:PFCL201CD 10.0KN 3BSE029774R10
Product brand: ABB

PFCL 201CD (Tight Cable Gland): Equipped with a tight cable gland and a 20m Teflon® insulated connection cable.

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Here’s a breakdown of the three versions of the PFCL201 load cells, along with their technical specifications:

  1. Standard Version PFCL 201C:
    • Equipped with a Cannon connector for the connection cable.
    • Operating Principle: Electromagnetic Pressductor® Technology
    • Accuracy Class: ±0.5%
    • Repeatability Error: <±0.05%
    • Operating Range: 30:1
    • Material: Stainless steel SIS 2387 DIN X4CrNiMo16-5
    • Working Temperature Range: -10 to +90°C (14 to 194°F)
    • Zero Point Drift: <±0.005%/°C, <±0.003%/°F
    • Sensitivity Drift: <±0.010%/°C, <±0.006%/°F
  2. PFCL 201CD (Tight Cable Gland):
    • Equipped with a tight cable gland and a 20m Teflon® insulated connection cable.
    • Technical specifications are similar to the standard version PFCL 201C.
  3. Mill-Duty Version PFCL 201CE:
    • Equipped with a fixed connection cable in a protective hose, ideal for wire and felt tension applications in paper machines.
    • Technical specifications are similar to the standard version PFCL 201C.


  • Operating Principle: All versions utilize Electromagnetic Pressductor® Technology for accurate force measurement.
  • Accuracy Class: Defined as the maximum deviation expressed as a percentage of sensitivity at nominal load, including linearity deviation, hysteresis, and repeatability error.
  • Material: Stainless steel SIS 2387 DIN X4CrNiMo16-5, offering corrosion resistance properties similar to AISI 304.
  • Temperature Drift: Zero point drift and sensitivity drift are provided for the temperature range of +20 to +80°C (+68 to +176°F).
  • Extended Capacity: The total capacity of the load cells when considering their permissible “extended capacity.” Some decline in measurement accuracy may occur in the extended range above the nominal load.
  • Maximum Permitted Loads: Maximum loads without affecting load cell calibration, typically at nominal load.

These load cells offer reliable and accurate force measurement across various industrial applications, with different versions tailored to specific needs such as connector types and environmental conditions.



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