Weighing sensor PFCL201C 50KN connector with cable


Material number:PFCL201C 50KN
Product brand: ABB

Users should also keep one spare connector complete with cable specifically for the PFCL 201C load cell variant

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Users are advised to keep the following spare parts in stock for maintenance purposes:

  1. Load Cells: It is recommended to have at least one spare load cell of the correct type and size to replace any faulty load cell promptly.
  2. Connector Complete with Cable (for PFCL 201C): Users should also keep one spare connector complete with cable specifically for the PFCL 201C load cell variant.

Here are the ordering numbers for the load cells PFCL 201:

Description Type Nominal Load (kN) Ordering Numbers
Load cell PFCL 201C 5.0 3BSE027070R5
Load cell PFCL 201C 10.0 3BSE027070R10
Load cell PFCL 201C 20.0 3BSE027070R20
Load cell PFCL 201C 50.0 3BSE027070R50
Load cell PFCL 201CE 5.0 3BSE027062R5
Load cell PFCL 201CE 10.0 3BSE027062R10
Load cell PFCL 201CE 20.0 3BSE027062R20
Load cell PFCL 201CE 50.0 3BSE027062R50
Load cell PFCL 201CD 5.0 3BSE029774R5


The commissioning procedure for a load cell is straightforward, provided that the load cells and cables have been properly installed. Here’s a checklist for commissioning:

  1. Ensure that the load cells have been correctly installed and aligned according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Verify that all screws have been tightened to the correct torque to secure the load cells.
  3. Check that all cables are correctly installed and connected to the load cells and junction box.
  4. Ensure that all connectors are securely plugged in and making proper contact.

Following these steps will help ensure the proper functioning of the load cells and the reliability of the measurement system. For commissioning of the control unit, users should refer to the relevant chapter in the control unit manual.

Weighing sensor PFCL201C 50KN connector with cable


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