Load cell PFCL201C 20KN tension measurement system


Material number:PFCL201C 20KN
Product brand: ABB

The load cells PFCL 201 are integral components of the Pressguide® Strip Tension Measuring System.

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The load cells PFCL 201 are integral components of the Pressguide® Strip Tension Measuring System. Here’s a summary of their functionality and technical specifications:


  1. Installation: The load cells are installed under the roll bearings to measure forces perpendicular to the mounting surface.
  2. Measurement Principle: The load cells measure forces only in the direction FR. When a strip is under tension over the roll, two force components arise: one in the direction of measurement (FR) and one perpendicular to it (FV).
  3. Construction: The load cells are machined from a single piece of stainless steel, with sensors positioned to be sensitive to force in the measurement direction and insensitive to others. They are mounted on a base with four screws, with the bearing housing mounted on top with four screws.
  4. Calibration and Temperature Compensation: Each load cell comes calibrated and temperature compensated.
  5. Variants: PFCL 201 load cells are available in three variants: PFCL 201C, PFCL 201CE, and PFCL 201CD, differing in their connection types (pluggable connection cable, fixed connection cable with protective hose, or fixed PTFE-insulated connection cable with an acid-proof cable gland, respectively).

Technical Specifications (Table 2):

  • Nominal Loads: Nominal load options for the PFCL 201C/201CE/201CD variants range from 5 kN to 50 kN in the measuring direction.
  • Permitted Transverse Force: Ranges from 2.5 kN to 25 kN within accuracy, depending on the nominal load and height (h) of 300 mm.
  • Permitted Axial Load: Ranges from 1.25 kN to 12.5 kN within accuracy, depending on the nominal load and height (h) of 300 mm.
  • Extended Load: Maximum extended load in the measuring direction with accuracy class ±1%, ranging from 7.5 kN to 75 kN.
  • Max Permitted Load: Maximum permitted load without permanent change of data ranges from 50 kN to 500 kN in the measuring direction, and from 12.5 kN to 125 kN in the transverse direction (for h = 300 mm).
  • Spring Constant: Spring constant values for the load cells range from 250 kN/mm to 2500 kN/mm.
  • Mechanical Data: Dimensions including length, width, and height vary slightly among the PFCL 201C, PFCL 201CD, and PFCL 201CE variants.
  • Weight: The weight of each load cell is 37 kg.

These load cells provide precise measurement of strip tension in various industrial applications, ensuring accurate control and monitoring of processes.

Load cell PFCL201C 20KN tension measurement system


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