LD800HSE Ethernet module 3BDH000320R0101 automation


LD800HSE 3BDH000320R0101 is a foundation fieldbus link device.

Manufacturer identifier ‘000320’ for “ABB”, device type ‘0067’ for “LD800HSE”, and serial number as ‘LD800HSE 3BDH000320R0101

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LD800HSE 3BDH000320R0101 is a foundation fieldbus link device.

Based on the provided information, here is a breakdown of the tags and attributes for the physical device (PD):

  1. PD Tag (Physical Device Tag):
    • Description: A unique, configurable, and system-dependent name for the device.
    • Example: Left blank in Figure 25.
  2. Device ID:
    • Description: Unique device identifier assigned by the manufacturer, used for unique identification of the device. It contains:
      • Serial number with 22 characters.
      • Manufacturer identifier.
      • Device type.
    • Example: Manufacturer identifier ‘000320’ for “ABB”, device type ‘0067’ for “LD800HSE”, and serial number as ‘LD800HSE 3BDH000320R0101’.
  3. IP Address:
    • Description: IP address of the linking device.
    • Example: An IPv4 address like “”.
  4. IP Address (Redundant Device):
    • Description: IP address of the redundant linking device, if applicable. This is empty if the linking device operates in non-redundant mode.
    • Example: An IPv4 address like “”.
  5. Subnet Mask:
    • Description: IP subnet mask.
    • Example: Subnet mask like “”.
  6. Broadcast IP:
    • Description: IP broadcast address used to send a message to all stations in a subnetwork.
    • Example: An IPv4 address like “”.
  7. Default Gateway:
    • Description: Address of the IP gateway to other subnets.
    • Example: An IPv4 address like “”.
  8. Operating State:
    • Description: Current operating state of the linking device. Possible states include:
      • Ok.
      • Failure: No serial communication.
      • Failure: TCP link to redundant device is lost.
    • Example: “Ok”, “Failure: No serial communication”.
  9. Redundancy State:
    • Description: Current role in a redundant set of linking devices. Possible values include:
      • Primary, no backup.
      • Primary.
      • Secondary.
    • Example: “Primary”, “Secondary”.
  10. CPU Clock:
    • Description: Internal clock of the main CPU depending on the hardware version of the device. Possible values include:
      • 50 MHz.
      • 100 MHz.
    • Example: “50 MHz”, “100 MHz”.

These attributes provide detailed information about the physical device, its network configuration, operational status, redundancy state, and hardware specifications.


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