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KUC711AE 3BHB004661R0001

Material: KUC711AE 3BHB004661R0001
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KUC711AE 3BHB004661R0001 Controller Unit – Xiongba Electronics


Product specifications:
Input range: -20~+20V
Display range: -19999~32767
Power supply: 90-240VAC
Power consumption: approximately 6VA
Working temperature: -10~55 ℃
Storage temperature: -25~65 ℃
Relative humidity: 35~85% RH
Alarm output: Relay A contact, 8A/250VAC
Communication: RS-485 supports ModBus and RTU mode
Measurement error: DC 0.05% ± 1Dig; AC 0.2% ± 1Dig
Sampling rate: 10 times/second

Fixed speed synchronous motors find application in various industries due to their reliability and efficiency. Here’s an overview of the common starting methods mentioned:

  1. Direct-on-Line (DOL): This is the simplest and most common starting method. The motor is directly connected to the power supply, resulting in a high inrush current during starting.
  2. Reactor Starting: A reactor is used in series with the motor during starting to limit the starting current and reduce voltage drops in the power supply.
  3. Autotransformer Starting: An autotransformer is used to reduce the voltage supplied to the motor during starting, limiting the starting current and reducing voltage drops.
  4. Load Commutated Inverter (LCI) or ‘Soft Starter’: This method uses electronics to control the voltage and frequency supplied to the motor during starting, gradually ramping up the voltage to reduce starting current and mechanical stress.
  5. Capacitor Starting: Capacitors are used to improve the power factor and increase the starting torque of the motor, reducing the starting current drawn from the power supply.
  6. Reactor Capacitor Starting: A combination of reactor and capacitor is used to limit starting current and improve starting torque, while also reducing voltage drops.

The selection of the starting method depends on factors such as the specific requirements of the application, the capability of the power supply network, and the demands of the process being driven by the motor. Advanced software tools are used to optimize the motor design for the specific application and ensure that the chosen starting method is appropriate. If the starting method results in unacceptable line voltage drops, alternative methods are investigated. The results of this engineering work are provided in an easy-to-understand format in the technical specification provided with each proposal.


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