HC800 HPC800K02 Redundant Kit Application



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Additional information: HC800 HPC800K02 Redundant Kit Application

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HC800 HPC800K02 Redundant Kit Application


HC800 HPC800K02 Product Introduction
1) The gateway serves as the Device device (i.e. slave) of the PROFINET network, with 2 RJ45 Ethernet interfaces and supports 100BASE-TX,
MDI/MDIX self detection, integrated with Ethernet switches, can form a chain network, supporting ring network redundancy.
2) Adapt to PROFINET V2.31 protocol, adopt real-time (RT) communication function, and comply with GB/T 25105-2014 Industrial Communication
Network Fieldbus Specification Type 10: PROFINET IO Specification, IEC 61158-5-10:2007, IDT.
3) The number of PROFINET inputs/outputs can be freely set, and the supported data length is:
Input ≤ 500 bytes, output ≤ 500 bytes, input+output ≤ 1000 bytes.
4) KJ-PNG-006 serves as the MODBUS TCP master (client), supporting 01H, 02H, 03H, 04H, 05H, 06H, 0FH
10H function;
5) KJ-PNG-006 serves as a MODBUS TCP slave (server) and supports functions such as 02H, 04H, 0FH, and 10H;
6) Power supply voltage: 24VDC (± 5%), maximum power 3.5W
7) Environmental temperature:
Transportation and storage: -40 ℃ to+70 ℃
Working temperature: -20 ℃~+55 ℃
8) Working relative humidity: 5~95%
9) External dimensions: 60mm (width) x 110mm (height) x 80mm (thickness);
10) Installation method: 35mm guide rail;
11) Protection level: IP20;

The SD Series controller architecture offers seamless integration with intelligent field devices and protocols such as PROFIBUS DP, HART, Modbus TCP, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104, and DNP 3.0. This integration facilitates access to a wide array of intelligent field devices from ABB and third-party vendors, including transmitters, actuators, motor control centers (MCC), flame scanners, IEDs, etc. The information from each device can then be utilized in control strategies and higher-level applications. By leveraging this capability, tighter and more reliable process control solutions can be achieved while simultaneously reducing installation costs through decreased wiring and system footprint.

The SD Series controllers utilize ABB’s set of best-in-class control technologies, allowing users to effectively employ ABB’s extensive library of field-proven control solutions. Specifically, SD Series solutions:

  • Utilize the extensive set of field-proven INFI 90 function code algorithms from previous-generation controllers.
  • Employ traditional INFI-Net exception reporting over redundant 100 Mbps Fast-Ethernet (PN800).
  • Extend current Composer graphical design engineering tools with device management capabilities.

Moreover, Symphony Plus Rack and SD Series control networks, namely INFI-Net and PN800 respectively, can be interconnected via a self-configuring INFI-Net to Ethernet bridge (IEB800) module. This bridge enables the sharing of resident data between both networks, allowing for its use in control applications or display in the other system.

In summary, the SD Series controller architecture provides comprehensive integration capabilities, leveraging field-proven technology to deliver efficient and reliable automation solutions while facilitating interoperability with a wide range of field devices and protocols.


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