GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Data Network Board


GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101

Material: GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101
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Additional information: GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Data Network Board

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GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Data Network Board


GDC806A0101 3BHE028761R0101 Features:
256 color CTN, 16 level blue grayscale STN;
Backlight: CCFT;
32BIT RISC (206MHz) CPU;
Display area of 5.7 inches, with a resolution of 320X240 pixels;
Adjust the display contrast on the touch screen;
• Equipped with 2048Kbyte Flash Memory;
• Optional recipe card 1024K;
4-wire analog resistive touch screen;
• COM1/2: RS232&RS485/RS232&RS422&RS485;
Compatible with parallel ports;
24V (± 10%) DC power supply;
Power: less than 12W;
• RF radiation: CISPR22, Class A;
• Static discharge: IEC 61000-4-2 (EN55024/1998)
• RF sensitivity: IEC 61000-4-2 (EN55024/1998)
• Instantaneous high frequency: IEC 61000-4-2 (EN55024/1998)
Working temperature: 0-50 degrees Celsius;
Storage temperature: -10~60 degrees Celsius;
Environmental humidity: 20~90% RH without frost;
Anti vibration: 0.5mm displacement of 10~55Hz, for 2 hours in X, Y, and Z directions respectively;
Front panel sealing: IP65/NEMA4;


GDC806A0101 Analyzer Communication Options:

  • Local Communication:
    • Explosion-proof Port (MMI Port):
      • Standard option: USB port.
      • Optional: RS-232 port (considered a legacy interface with lower communication speed).
      • Initial connection for commissioning recommended through USB port.
    • Ethernet Port:
      • Initial connection requires access to the terminal board inside the analyzer (removal of enclosure’s rear cap).
      • All port types supported by user interface (PCCU32).

GDC806A0101 Embedded Software and User Interface:

Embedded Software:

  • Consists of operating system (OS) and Flash (Application) components.
  • Supports upgrades of OS and Flash components for feature enhancements or fixes.
  • Features include:
    • Audit quality historical data.
    • Multiple calculation options.
    • Selectable engineering units.
    • Analysis reporting.
    • Operational alarms.
    • Communication protocol selection.
    • Bi-level security (passcode or Role Based Access Control [RBAC] admin-defined user credentials).

GDC806A0101 User Interface (PCCU32):

  • Host-based UI running in Windows® environment.
  • Offers options for access, configuration, control, reporting, and data communications.
  • Supports communication via local or remote connections through standard serial, USB, and Ethernet connections.
  • Provides device operation and maintenance utility functions, including embedded software updates, device configuration and data backup, and historical data collection.
  • Offers online help with context-sensitive help topics.

GDC806A0101 Audit Quality Data:

  • Supports historically accurate file system using date- and timestamped events.
  • Compiles historical data for custody transfer needs, verification of analyzer operation over time, and backup for communication failures.

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