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Software recovery

For proper function, ASTAT Tool application uses the following files:

ASTAT.EXE (main executable)

PARAMETERS4.INI (parameters definition file)

SIGNALS4.INI (signals definition file)

MIDAS.DLL (used for rapport generation. If missing or corrupted printing will not work)

You do NOT need to use the installer to run Tool. This provides for quick recovery in situations where

you don’t have the distribution media, e.g. a computer crashes at the site and the OS has to be rein

stalled. As long as the main executable is not lost, the software will run.

Further, ASTAT Tool will create and use files with following extensions:

AST – Project file (parameter settings)

ATT – Project template file (same structure as AST)

ASG – Monitor graph recording

LOG or TXT – Basic text file output of the logger

DEFMONx.INI – Default settings for monitor tool DAPC 100 replacement

In case replacing a DAPC 100 board you will need:

A PC with the ASTAT Tool application installed and a parameter file (*.ast) for the motion concerned.

Tool cable 3ASC262741H1 RS 232

24 V DC power supply 10 A if switched type, 2 A if linear type (inrush current sets the size)

Terminal block Phoenix 1777280, FRONT-MSTB2,5/2-ST-5,08, 2 poles, plug-in part (if you don’t have,

use the one of the board you are to replace – do not mix polarities!)

A new DAPC 100 board.

Recovery procedure:

Place the board with the display on top.

DAPC 100 Generation No. 1: Remove all S2 jumpers and install all S3 jumpers

Place Jumper S4 in position 7-8 (115200 bps communication rate)

Connect 24 V DC to X4 terminal. Polarity Left: – Right: +

Watch the display of DAPC 100 light up (do not mind what it shows)

Connect the Tool cable 3ASC262741H1 between COM1 of your PC and the DAPC 100 board (On top of

the board). The cable can only be inserted correctly as it is keyed.

Start ASTAT Tool application on the PC and configure the application to use COM1 and 115200 bps

communication speed.

Load the parameter file (*.ast).

If the new DAPC 100 board has a newer Software than the original ast-file was created for, the

Tool will add default values for all additional functions in the new DAPC 100 software. Watch the motion

properties after installation.

Switch to ONLINE mode and synchronise the parameters using SEND TO ASTAT method.


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