ABB DSPC-170 Signal filtering function


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Presentations and dialogs for these safety objects include:
– Presentations:
– Signal (On/Off or Value)
– Alarm limits and alarms
– Object status (inhibit, bypass, latched alarm, selected for operation etc.)
– Loop and I/O diagnostics.
– Maintenance.
– Dialogs:
– Activation and manual entry.
– Control of status (for example inhibit, reset).
• Diagnostic and status functions.
– Alarm/Event list.
– Group alarm (option).
– Status list (report special status and conditions).
– System fault list and diagnostic displays.

• Process Parameter Backup, which includes functions for backup/restore of a process
station’s process parameters to/from an operator station. The process parameters stored in
the backup are available for restore at a later time. The process parameters involved are
those that are changeable by dialog commands from the operator station(s) such as alarm
limits, initial values etc. Process Parameter Backup is not included in AdvaCommand for
Windows NT.
• Signal Filtering function for filtering the events, alarms, system alarms and system status
in the Operator Station to reduce system load in the controllers in the network.


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