DSDP150 57160001-GF Input/Output Processor


DSDP150 57160001-GF

Provides 12 channels for pulse counting with a maximum frequency of 10 kHz.

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DSDP150 57160001-GF Input/Output Processor


The main features of DSDP150 57160001-GF include:
▼ Single Intersection Flow Zero Switch
▼ Integrated monitoring of main power loss, load loss, power supply exceeding range, solid-state internal errors, solid-state open circuits, and solid-state short circuits
▼ Alarm output can be selected as either normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) signal
▼ Rated output voltage: 42-265VAC, 150-660VAC
Rated current: 15A, 25A, 30A, 31A, 42A, 62A (integrated heat sink)
Rated current: 25A, 50A, 92A (non integrated heat sink)
▼ LED lights indicate control and fault status
Timely detection of faults to save costs
▼ Integrating switches, monitoring, and alarms to save installation space and facilitate quick installation


It seems you’ve provided specifications for various components related to pulse counting and positioning within a control system. Here’s a breakdown and explanation of the key points:

  1. Voltage Specifications:
    • Pulse inputs support voltages of 5/12/24 V or ±15 mA d.c.
    • Digital Inputs/Outputs (DI/DO) operate at 24 V d.c., with a maximum current of 150 mA.
    • Analog Outputs (AO) support ±10V/±20 mA with 11 bits resolution.
  2. Interfaces:
    • DSDP 150: Provides 12 channels for pulse counting with a maximum frequency of 10 kHz.
    • DSDP 140A: Complete interface for one positioning loop, with pulse inputs (A, B, STROBE) and digital/analog outputs.
    • DSDP 170: Complete interface for 4 position transducers, each with pulse inputs (A, B, STROBE) supporting various voltage levels.
  3. On-board Processing:
    • Modules have onboard processing capabilities for tasks like time tagging, filtering, and gain control. This improves real-time performance and system reliability.
  4. Comprehensive Self-Diagnostics:
    • Modules continuously monitor themselves for errors and report them via LEDs and alarm messages.
    • Malfunctioning inputs can be disabled and simulated manually, while failing outputs are either deactivated or driven to a safe state automatically.
    • Modules can be replaced while the system is in service, and some can be configured redundantly for enhanced availability.
  5. High Disturbance Immunity:
    • All modules adhere to high standards of electromagnetic noise immunity, meeting EU directives 2014/30/EU and 2014/35/EU.
    • This ensures reliable operation in industrial environments with potential electromagnetic interference.

Overall, these components provide a robust solution for pulse counting and positioning within a control system, offering features such as onboard processing, self-diagnostics, and high immunity to disturbances.




Model recommendation:
DSAI130A 3BSE018292R1
DSAI130D 3BSE003127R1
DSAI133A 3BSE018290R1
DSAO120A 3BSE018293R1
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DSDP140B 57160001-ACX
DSDP150 57160001-GF
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