ABB CSA463AE HIEE400103R0001 Monitoring Module


CSA463AE HIEE400103R0001

ABB CSA463AE HIEE400103R0001 is a monitoring module manufactured by ABB company.

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ABB CSA463AE HIEE400103R0001 Monitoring Module


ABB CSA463AE HIEE400103R0001 is a monitoring module produced by ABB company.

This module is typically used to monitor various parameters, states, and performance indicators of industrial processes or equipment, providing real-time data, alarms, records, and remote access to ensure the normal operation of the equipment or process.


Specifically, the main functions of ABB CSA463AE HIEE400103R0001 include:

High current output terminal

Power indicator light

Power input terminal: AC: 220V power input from here

Grounding terminal: For safety reasons, this terminal should be grounded

4.1/2 LCD digital display ammeter

Current output button: Press this button to output a large current, and the output indicator light will light up

Current cut-off button: Press this button to cut off the high current and turn off the output indicator light

High current adjustment knob

In addition, it also has some key technical parameters, such as an input power supply of AC: 220V~25A, 50Hz;

Output current waveform distortion ≤ 5%;

4.1/2 LCD digital display range is O~i000A, resolution is 0.1A, accuracy is ± 0.5%;

The usage environment requires a temperature of -10~40 ℃ and a relative humidity of<80%;

The volume is 402X232X245mm; The weight is 30Kg.

This monitoring module has a wide range of applications in the field of industrial automation, especially in industrial processes that require precise control and monitoring.

Through real-time monitoring and data analysis, it helps enterprises optimize production processes, improve equipment efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance overall operational reliability.




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