ABB CP405 A0 1SAP500405R0001 touch screen


CP405 A0 1SAP500405R0001

ABB CP405 A0 1SAP500405R0001 is a touch screen product from ABB, belonging to the CP405 series.

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ABB CP405 A0 1SAP500405R0001 touch screen


ABB CP405 A0 1SAP500405R0001 is a touch screen product from ABB, belonging to the CP405 series.


This touch screen has a wide range of applications in industrial automation and process control systems, serving as a user interface device that allows operators to monitor and control various industrial processes.

It has a 7-inch TFT (thin film transistor) display screen, providing sufficient display area for users to operate and monitor conveniently. In addition, the touch screen has a touch screen interface, allowing users to operate and monitor intuitively through the touch screen. It can display process data, graphical interface, and other related information, helping operators understand and control the operation status of industrial processes.

In terms of application, it is suitable for traditional PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) automation products, usually used in control rooms, production sites, or other industrial environments to interact with PLC or other control systems.

At the same time, the device also supports multitasking programs configured and written by the upper computer, meeting the customer’s needs for multitasking engineering.

In addition, the touch screen product has 16 built-in 24V switch input ports, which are designed to be economical and powerful, providing OEM equipment manufacturers with a high-performance and cost-effective control solution.

It also has two built-in RS-232 serial ports and one RS485 port, as well as a TTL channel reserved for other communication extensions, which can be connected to other devices through external adapters for wider communication connections.

When purchasing and using this touch screen, it is recommended to contact ABB or its authorized agent for the most accurate product information and technical support. At the same time, attention should also be paid to complying with relevant safety operating procedures to ensure the stable operation of equipment and the safety of operators.




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