81943A041-1 Single ended amplifier voltage 280V



Two types of cables are provided: 81943A041-1 for direct connection to PC’s crossover cable and direct sales cable for network connection.

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81943A041-1 Single ended amplifier voltage 280V


It seems like you’ve provided detailed instructions on how to establish and check the communication between the spectrometer and a computer through an Ethernet connection. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Ethernet Interface and Cable Types:
    • The spectrometer communicates with the computer through an Ethernet interface (cable).
    • Two types of cables are provided: Crossover cable for a direct connection to the PC and Straight pin cable for a connection via a network.
  2. Connection Checking:
    • If the spectrometer is not connected to the computer or network (DHCP server), restart the spectrometer to establish a proper connection.
    • The Network LED on the spectrometer should turn green when properly connected, and flashing indicates activity.
    • Each spectrometer has a unique MAC address for identification.
  3. Ethernet Connection Setup:
    • The computer delivered with the spectrometer is factory-configured for proper connection.
    • Two possible setups:
      • Spectrometer connected to the network.
      • Spectrometer directly connected to the computer, which requires a pre-configured LAN setup for both.
  4. IP Address Configuration:
    • If the spectrometer cannot detect a DHCP server, it will use a default IP address.
    • Example default IP address: with a subnet mask of
    • The PC Ethernet interface should be configured with compatible LAN parameters.
  5. Configuration Procedure:
    • Open Start > Settings > Network and Dial-up Connections.
    • Right-click Local Area Connection in the Network Dial-up connections window and select Properties.
    • In the Properties dialog box, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

It appears to be a comprehensive guide for ensuring proper communication between the spectrometer and the computer through the Ethernet interface, covering cable types, connection checking, and IP address configuration. If you have any specific questions or need further clarification on any part of the instructions, feel free to ask!

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